PB 3 : Korra

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Porn Bastards episode 3 : Korra into a very special spiritual test! Or is it? Fuck her until she finds out!
Music credit : The Kyoto Connection - Kuro Obi

Have fun, have kink, have sex!

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The cum is yellow. The sounds are annoying. The dude's dick looks diseased. Korra's eyes are unblinking. Just not worth it at all unless you want to change her and pretend it's a LOK recolor oc.

This is also great,... but what's the name of the soundtrack/artist for the music? Sounds like some late 80's early 90's New Wave I've heard before. :D

Thank you for once again allowing us to sample your wares without too much fuss.

mattisgames responds:

Thanks for the appreciation ;)
Music credit : The Kyoto Connection - Kuro Obi

Graphics and dialect is good, but it seems like you give it to us every game. Maybe you can switch it up a bit .

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mattisgames responds:

I try to go for variations, but :
1) it's hard to find other hentai artists drawing in flash. (few that does are all busy for a century with their personnal projects and billions of commissions)
2) story-wise, when I try other stuff, my community ask me a lot to go back to those kind of stories.
3) it's a serie, so it has a specific thing to it coming back at each episode. If you want more variation, you can try "jolly friends fuck fest" or "pumpkin witches" or "ghost fucker" ;) (just to mention those which are completely free. Or else there's Sexforge)

Those reasons aside, what would you suggest/like?

Can say it's a bit rickety, or whatever the term is.
Has a number of twitchy loops. Primarily with the eyes. And it double-frame loops. You should look into not having double-frames. It makes the animation flow a lot smoother. Basically, if you have a say, 1-10 frame animation, have it repeat 1-9 instead. And: change the tween easing. You want it to sorta have a "/" motion, except more diagonal. Gives it a much less stale approach.

Not sure how much sense that made. But I hope it made some at least ^^'
Anyhow: Like said below a bit: It seem a bit badly structured. The game is incredibly generic in the set up. Kinda "porn game #852" I can say it's nice that you didn't go for a loli vag, like most lazy/incompetent hacks that fills this fandom. But, the game doesn't really do much, so to speak.

It's a classic OOC canon female character that has nothing to do with their canon counterpart, apart their looks. Which, can even be changed. So, not that it really matters. And it has some Gary Stu, faceless buff male with a weird dick. This series does have a "thing" at least. With the whole "magic impregnation". So it is not just another cookie cutter porn game. But aside from that, it doesn't really do much, if you know what I mean? It's decent, mediocre porn.

Like the person below got into a bit: You kinda leave people with a completely run of the mill porn game, (that used to) lack an ending. I totally get wanting to get something from what you do. But when the internet literally is flooded with stuff similar to this, that IS finished AND free. That's REALLY hard to compete with. I know some animator, can't recall their name, totally flopped on that. As they were making, below average porn loops. Promising to start making above average finished products as soon as they got x amount of patreons.

When making porn today. You kinda either need to be exceptionally good at it. Provide some sort of porn niche that isn't catered too. (like your magical impregnation) You could prolly skip a lot of the dialog though, just focus on the porn. Since most of what I've read; just spam through it anyhow. Though, the other half of people seem to enjoy just how stupid it is xP So I can't' say which is better... might could include a "no bs mode". Anyhow, it's kinda one or the other of what I've seen from my ~15 years within the business. Or well, you can also always churn out half-assed hyper futa. That stuff always seems to sell. Even if you lie about it, and deliver 0 futa like Kevinsano. Or rehash and re-use the same loops with different models like Blackguyjr... kinda odd how much you can get away with when it comes to cock obsessed futa-fanatics xD They're so gullible.

Anyhow, trailed off a bit. But yeah, try to figure out what to focus on, and how to deliver it. Just remember: the average porn viewing dude is generally among the most spoiled bratz you can cater to xP They expect a TON of high quality stuff for free. Due to how the market has developed over the years.

mattisgames responds:

For double-frame tips and motion, good to know. People never mention that kind of stuff.
For loli vag, I don't know what you mean. (but I'll figure it out at some point surely)

For all the rest, it seems you don't have the slightest idea of what hentai reality is (or just plain reality : you play a finished free game, and criticize it's not finished and free : ..., WTF, lol ?!), and it always has been a NG thing to crush down hentai creators and make them go away from this site, so I won't hold you to it. ;)

Though don't expect much from me when you are considering most players to be plain morons.
I do games for people, because they are nice and I like them. You despise people. Dialogue ends there. Open your mind, and maybe I'll open my (virtual) ears.

The dialog in this game is fucking hilarious

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Feb 15, 2017
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