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Hello fellow player!

Thanks for play Berdolock's Dungeon. It's good to see people playing retrogames, and have fun. But the adventure not end in this time. The main goal is:build two or more levels for week and put in the air (for a long time...). But the main idea is : put the guys to design new levels for the adventure. If you like to help send your idea and I'll analyze and if the main idea is cool, I'll implement it.

I'm working in a complete guide for future submissions. It's a small book with templates, softwares (all open source), clarifications, etc to help to design new levels for this adventure. It's a cooperative game! Please, if you like to help, drop a message to antonmarcelo@gmail.com

I based my idea in art collectives like Blocktronics, and I´d really like to construct and develop a textmode adventure game. It´s only the beggining...

And if you like to submmit any ANSI art to game, please feel free to talk an send some ideas.

Release Candidate 1 – 01/05/2017

- Levels 21-25 implemented (Chapter V)

- Boss Implemented

- Some bugs fixed

Version 0.17 - 04/04/2017
- Levels 16-20 implemented (Chapter IV)
- Smooth movement change

Version 0.16-A - 24/03/2017

- Gamepad Implemented

Version 0.16 - 12/03/2017
- Levels 11-15 implemented (Chapter 3)
- More dangerous!

Version 0.15 - 21/02/2017
- Levels 6-10 implemented
- Cheat codes implemented

Version 0.14 -21/02/2017

- Chapters Implemented

- Level 5 implemented

Version 0.13 -19/02/2017

- Level 4 implemented
- Teleports implemented
- Lore screen implmented

Version 0.12
- Level III implemented
- Fix some things

Directional arrows - move and jump
G (only in chapters screen) - cheat! choose level (with mouse)
C (only in chapters screen) - open all levels
ESC - Exit cheat screen and return in game to splash screen.
A – crossbow shot left
D – Crossbow shot right


Start – Start the game or change screens

A – Jump
D PAD Right – Move Right
D PAD Left – Move Left
D PAD Down – Move Down
Left Shoulder Button– crossbow shot left
Right Shoulder Button – Crossbow shot right

Download OST and manual : https://goo.gl/ZwH8lW

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Love the retro feel. Overall a solid game.

antonmarcelo responds:

Thank you!!! Hope you enjoy it!

I mean, I don't dislike it, but - if you can move smoothly, doesn't that kind of defeat the point of ANSI graphics thing? It reminds me of how Frog Fractions 2 had a textmode platforming section without breaking the digital/binary movement thing - which this does't.
I mean, as of now it's not that it's a bad platformer - but without binary movement it feels just like regular platformer that for some reason uses ANSI graphics.

antonmarcelo responds:

Hi !

Yhe smoothly movemnt is proposital, but I thanks your comments. My intention is make a tribute for old games and old BBS systems. The history of his game begins when my wife shows to me old modem sounds and BBS screens. A lot of nostalgia come back and my idea is make it.

Thanks again for your impressions and comments, it´s good see people playing the game and giving feedbacks.


Great game but how do you pass level 4!!

antonmarcelo responds:

Did you turn on the teleports ;) ?

Retro games are always welcome. You are going into the right direction. Good luck!

antonmarcelo responds:

Thanks for your words!!!


Wisdom in the intro is misspelled, other than that it's pretty fun. it's difficulty is obviously on purpose, so I don't think that is really a problem. good game!

antonmarcelo responds:

I´ll fix it! thank you!!!!