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Spell Sorter: A Wizard's Duty

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Get ready for the remastered sequel of Spell Sorter. In a similar concept to the first game, you must take on the role of a wizard whose job is to approve and deny spells for the wizards of the world. Be careful, for what you choose will affect the fate of the world in it's happiness, crime, economy, and death. Worst of all, your choices affect how much you get PAID!

Have an idea for a spell? Use the spell creator in game to submit a spell directly to me!

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cute game but so very short..

107% happiness... is a logical flaw. Mathematical formulas are needed to constrain the numbers to realistic amounts. Do people cast spells, or do they hire wizards to cast them? is the cooldown and duration affecting anything? How many people are there NOT committing crimes... there is unsatisfying physics and feedback mechanisms... I do like making decisions though. Why is everyone hellbent on misusing spells to murder and commit crime. I thought they would use split object to cut stones and build stone buildings, not just more killing.
PS: the sweet spot for criminality is a slighly low IQ,

endernoobz responds:

I'm open to suggestiosns for a remake.

It Wont start. I can play the older one ,but not this one!
Please help!

endernoobz responds:

Try using a different browser! It needs to be HTML5 compatible.

Interesting... As mentioned by others, it would be even more interesting to see each spell effect with some funny remarks

This game is very promising. But I had hoped that since this was a remastered version, you would have added some new content, like actually being able to see how the spells you approve of affect the world. But nonetheless, this game was great!