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A little cartoon I threw together.

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This was nifty

And here was something pretty nifty I like the idea you bring out on this the narrative was pretty solid too and an overy all great performance with a huge vibe of amusing ideas thrown around wish it was longer that's the only thing it's missing

Could be longer


Never skip leg day!

Simply-stepped and easy to follow, inspiring, optimistic, creatively narrated (just the beak being at the wrong place of his face boosts the entertainment value somehow) wonderful Valentine instructions by a crazy, blue (good symbolism there) bird. Keeps the pace high too! Entertaining and nice.


I loved the animation! It really does seem like you're trying to set up a good message. It's weird how people complain about 2016. I mean, 2017 will be worse with Donald Trump as President! The last year may have been dumb, but it didn't have the actual President in power. Don't worry, we're still fighting him.

Okay, I'm digressing. It was cool to see these bright colors and everything. I have somewhat of a girlfriend. I'm glad you're calling attention to this significant holiday. I'm not used to this new layout.

real cool