Hentai Brothel: Catherine

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Something a little bit different this time. We are thinking about making this into a series, so if you like this type of content, be sure to pledge and voice your support for it ;)



Troubleshooting (Unity WebGL is very prone to causing problems lately, so here are some tips):
-If you see a grey screen, try reloading the page.
-After that, if you see the Unity-Icon, wait a little (max 5 min) if the loading bar does not move. The file is about 10MB big, so it should not take too long, although it will very likely take significantly longer than it would with a flash game
-Tested with Firefox, it is guaranteed to work there
-If you see the loading screen and think it does not load, just let it run in the background for a while and come back a few minutes later (when the game starts, music will start playing)

Sadly, since this is the only way to build Unity Games for Web, we cannot do anything ourselves about this problem.
But we also offer standalone builds as a reward tier for our patrons among other benefits, so you will have no trouble with them!

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OK, first off, I do adore the way you draw your women in these games, it is very appealing and smooth.
However, having the main reward be so simple as 3 frames looped into a simple animation, is very much underwhelming.
And as always, your music is very good quality, but sadly is too loud and doesn't make up for the lack of effort in everything else.

I just have to say I love the way you draw women. Especially how you draw Legs, thighs and asses. I look at them and want to fuck their brains out from behind. Well done.

Music's too loud and H-scene art and animation needs improvement.

Way too loud of music. Needs a mute button.

No... Just no... Just stop it