Tap To The Future

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Next time will work 5 Points

Kill Marty 5 times

On behalf of science 5 Points

Kill Marty for the first time

Patient Assasin 5 Points

Killing Marty at 0.6 mph

Relaxed Assassin 5 Points

Killing Marty at less than 44.0 mph

Scratching Dog 5 Points

Win in 10 seconds

Time Traveler apprentice 5 Points

Win 5 times

Chucking Beaver 25 Points

Win in 9 seconds

Digging mole 25 Points

Win in 8 seconds

First Time Travel 25 Points

Oops, the camera was not recording

Great Scott! Please stop! 25 Points

Kill Marty 100 times

Just one more click 25 Points

Kill marty at 87.5 mph

Marty should look for another part-time job anytime soon 25 Points

Kill Marty 25 times

Time Traveler Master 25 Points

Win 25 times

Chewing Hamster 50 Points

Win in 7 seconds

Flapping Hummingbird 50 Points

Win in 5 seconds

God of Time 50 Points

Win 100 times

Picking Woodpecker 50 Points

Win in 6 seconds

Why are you keep doing this?" 50 Points

Kill Marty 500 times

Author Comments

A fanmade gameish goofy thing inspired by the Back to the future universe, where you just have to tap fast as hell to avoid killing Marty.

It's a tiny interactive joke made to practice some pixelart and teamwork in one week :)

Thanks for playing, rating and leaving your feedback!

Programming Nico Castez - Francisco Delledonne
Art Nehuén Defosse

EDIT: Implemented some of your feedback
Use Tap / Mouse / Keyboard
There's a Time Record now (might not save on caché yet)
SFX temporary fix.
Little bit harder than before.
Some extra juiciness :)

Safe time travelling!


What we really need is a go pro, not hover-boards, have you seen those things?

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LOL i killed marty at 0.6 mph.

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This game is garbage.

AvixGames responds:

Thank you! <3

Going 0.06 miles per hour. I am going to kill him but it might take all day at this rate.

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Eh, it was ok, but there's more that needs to be done. The detail of the car is nice. You need to fix the MPH, I mean seriously, 800MPH? That's a bit excessive. Need better sounds and they need to sync up to the car, it sounds like some F1 racer shifting through gears before you are barely even moving, some sound clips would have made this even better.

Might want to have an option to switch between keyboard and mouse clicking. I'd also put Doc up with Marty, since they were both standing in the way of the car at the time. Also, for some reason, no matter how fast I click, I cannot seem to get over 791MPH. Not sure if that's on my end or Newgrounds, but it just seems to stop right there.

Perhaps for future (hehe) incarnations, you could have different movie scenes, like the race at the clock tower, Marty skating on his board trying to get away from Biff, the train from BTTF3 before it plunges off the cliff, etc. Yeah, they'd mostly be the same thing, but maybe just for the hell of it.

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AvixGames responds:

Thanks for your well intentioned comments :)
This interactive joke is something we did in just a week to practice some stuff.
Actual Sound and music are just temporary until the musician and sound designer sent us the real assets.
About the 880 means 88.0 but the dot isn't there!
I like that thing you said about Putting Doc with marty!
And as this is a fangame we did as an excercise we might use this learnings on future projects :)
We hope to have you back playing them
You can follow us on facebook.com/AvixGames

Cheers! :)

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Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2017
2:18 PM EST
Skill - Other