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A day of Switzerlandball

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Clean motions bright colors... 3D... It is what it is. AND (possibly more importantly) it isn't what it isn't.

Now, I'm sure Switzerland has an opinion of itself. Yes, you can argue the whole neutrality stance on international laws and conflicts, but there's more to the country and the people than that. So my first piece of advice is to research the whole thing a while and then get onto the idea of Switzerland Ball, itself. What is it that you are trying to say here??? That's a keypoint of animation, that it is in fact a means of communication, so at least, say something.
Second point of improvement, AUDIO. (folks are going to get sick of my reference on this BUT) If you hit YouTube and search up Cinefix, check out anything they've done regarding audio. Where the visuals of storytelling get invited to your conscious mind, good audio sneaks through your subconscious to compliment that and makes the whole package a whole lot better than the individual components. (That's kind of paraphrased, but I can't make it any simpler)... I know working in audio is just another addition to the long list of pains in the animator's butt. Unfortunately, where good audio can win over an audience through some of the grainiest, lowest res', choppiest, and most pathetic visuals, bad audio can outright kill the most over-budget and stunning visual work in the history of the industry and craft.
Finally, the whole banking leniency thing... It's got two problems. First in just the last couple years, the Swiss have actually started working with international commerce and banking agreements, so the wholesale tax=evasion thing is coming to a close. Second, traditional Swiss values and all, it's old. Frankly, the gag's kind of played out, so you might want to tone that part of the comic work down. It certainly is still worth mention, but probably not the best for a center-piece.
Thinking about the title "A day of Switzerland Ball", I was originally hoping to see a bunch of people trying their hardest to compete in some kind of soccer on skis through the mountains. It's just the mental image I had when I read the title and thought, that might be funny enough to watch... a couple times. It wouldn't matter who the Swiss were playing against, or who actually won... (okay, most believably, the Swiss probably would in such a hybrid sport) The idea of Switzerland Ball, taking on FIFA (especially in light of recent scandal) could be a hilarious sale. (yes, plz run with that... it's an idea)
Okay, you've got some talent/skill. I believe in you. Don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... Animators animate...

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Taspac responds:

Hi. Thank you for your comment. Switzerland is kinda known for being rich, in Polandball community it is sometimes called mountain jew. So I kinda went with it, did not put lots of thought into it. Thank you for advice :)

P.S.: I have uploaded wrong version, one without music.

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Feb 13, 2017
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