Servant's Chamber v.0.13b(Demo)

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Hello everyone!

We are a team of 2D/3D adult game developers, also known as Brozeks & Grozeks.


So what exactly is Servant's Chamber?

Our game is a combination of dungeon crawling with rogue-like aspects such as procedurally generated levels as well as a hoard of loot, we went out of our way to ensure that each time you replay a level of the game it will take you on different paths as well as offer different loot! Our game is also quest driven, all of our quests will reveal important plot details as well as develop our characters quest by quest!
You control “Servant” the snarky and reluctant hero, you will use experience to unlock skills via the skill tree, lvl your stats and even equip new armor that will increase your stats while adding unique cosmetic changes to your character. Be it sexy demon wings or even that sweet sweet right stocking you've always wanted.
All of your adventures will be followed by your companions, all of whom will be eventually able to be customized and equipped with items! They all have their own distinct personalities and quirks, spend enough time with them and learn about their histories with the facility!

You must be thinking to yourself 'Well why should I be interested' ?

Well that is simple, we are trying to produce a feature rich game with an air of total originality behind it! We hope to offer a Unique atmosphere, a fun story line, interesting characters, sexy and engaging companions, powerful enemies, and a lot of amazing art! So if you just so happen to be in the mood for an incredibly original journey filled with lust, power, and the occasional joke we hope you will be interested!

So what is the gameplay like?

A main part of gameplay is the custom active time battle system, it works similarly to that of a rhythm game. You must collect descending orbs to fill your stamina while powering your abilities to face off with fully animated enemies, your unique companions will offer you aid with their powerful skills and highly detailed characters will keep you as engaged while watching as you are with fighting! As a player you will have access to your own unique skill tree which will give you your own set of powerful skills, and an equip system to put on your favorite and most powerful gear and bestiary of all enemies in case you want to learn just a little bit more before you go into battle!
Here is a quick summary for all of gameplay features we have already implemented in our game:
-real-time battle system
-unique skills with custom effects
-quality AI
-inventory system
-battle items which can heal, add armor, stamina, bonus damage, etc.
-custom skills for each companion
-full procedure generation for each level.
-A large amount of quests with full descriptions for each quest
-Helpful user interface
-chests, coins, keys, bosses, and minibosses.

What will be the next NSFW content you are planning to add? What features do you plan on adding?

We plan on reworking the ingame dialog from the ground up, improving the user interface. Also we are working on adding plenty more fully fledged sex scenes to the game as well as improving battle system.
( So far we have four sex scenes written and being put into the game for levels 1-4 alone!)
Here is a list of what is planned on being added to the game:
tag-filter, so each player can control what sort of enemies spawn and sex scenes to be added based on their specific preference. (I.E. Bestiality on/off, Futanari on/off, etc.)
more customization for “Servant” and companions. (Skin, hair, etc.)
improving dialog system, save system, loot drops, the equipment system and battle system

Thank you so much for giving us your time and support!

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great game, but battles to hard for crap control maniac, and no save

great game! however, plz make the battles easier.

Very good game overall! I love the scenes and the artwork so far! Only reason it is being given a 4.5 out of 5 is because of a few minor issues.

The dialogue is still lacking, grammatical errors and spelling mostly. It doesn't really detract from the game a whole lot, but can get annoying while playing. While doing a certain quest in chapter 2 (not going to reveal any spoilers), the scene interrupts the fighting and everything in the background continues, damage occurs and the energy spheres fall and disappear. I have died more than once because of this. Not a huge issue, but also annoying while playing on hard mode and having to restart from the beginning of the chapter because of it. The lack of a stats screen is really annoying. I can see that while putting the slaves into the machines giving me permanent stat increases, but I can't find a way to pull up a screen that will show me what my current stats/modified stats are. Only an inventory/equipment screen.

It is still under development and I understand that, hence why I'm giving it a high rated review, from what I've seen so far it'll be a wonderful and fun game once it is finished and polished up. Can't wait for more versions to come out so I can test them while also seeing more of the story and scenes. Keep up the good work everyone!

I really want to play this game but i'm waiting in front of this preparing screen for 15 minutes and nothing happens... it's so frustrating when i read the reviews

Firstly i am really suprised with all those beatiful adult games.

There are many adult games out here. This is one of them.

I really enjoyed playing. For now (i played for 2 hours i think) but i can't finish the chapter 2. I suck i guess lol.

There are many people here giving 1,5 star even they didn't play the game just beacuse of loading screen taking long.

This is really stupid people giving low stars or bad reviews beacuse of this.

Game is amazing its really enjoyeblo to play. But there are no sex scenes...

I only see some dog beast scenes when we are fighting. (sophia's quest)

Nothing more. Charcters looks sexy, beatiful. I didn't see outfits much but even armors look sexy.

I read your author comment, you guys saying we will add sex scenes as i understand?

Please do it, also add some gallery for we can do it ''comfortable'' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (You guys understand what i mean)

You are in my patreon list after PGSTUDIOS from now on... Good promises, money deserving. And i hope you guys don't make me regret.

Also i really wanna say this

Gameplay and Animations is 10/10 for a web based game!

There are no bugs i have see it even in alpha version.

Also i wanna say this for a great game like this ofcourse it will take so long to download don't be stupid guys.. Respect to this peace

I hope you guys make it better. 5 STAR for good promises, amazing gameplay and animations

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2017
5:19 AM EST
Adventure - RPG