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Hop inside an analogue tv for some slick platforming.

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Nice game for first time! Only instruction is missing - I was tried to go through the last level, and only on 3 or 4 attempt I found that this square can double-jump. :D
By the way, what does mean "Log.A"?

Pythlix responds:

Thanks man. Log.A just comes from Analogue. But I just took "Log" and got the first letter (A), and put them together. :)

Really good game, nice level design, good movement. I would buy this if it was 99p!

Pythlix responds:

Thanks man. :)

It's alright. I felt the idea of using static was a nice touch, but the analog tv concept as a whole was a bit underdeveloped. There's a lot of fun things you *could* do here. Somewhat hand-in-hand with this, the levels themselves weren't particularly challenging or ambitious. The mechanics here are... actually not that bad, but they're underutilized. For example, you could have two vertical walls surrounding pockets of static, forcing the user to wall jump from wall to wall in order to get to an upper platform. Or you could have a level where the whole screen gradually fills with static if they don't get to the exit in time (depending on how things are implemented, this may... or may not have been "easy" to do).

Incorporating the "tv" aspect, there are other things you can throw in. Maybe the image gets flipped. Maybe there's "black-and-white" and "color", and in black-and-white certain paths open up that you couldn't take otherwise (with a mechanic like this you can even take a relatively small level, and force the user to double back a few times taking a different path). But anywho...

Someone already mentioned lvl. 1 game-breaker. This is something that could be caught in play-testing. If you feel there is reasonable expectation that someone might perform a certain action, then check for it. No need to go crazy and check "what happens if the user hits the up button 6000 times in one nanosecond?", but this is something that could have been caught and fixed, whether by adding static or having it wrap around to other side or adding a wall (or "tv frame", if you'd prefer).

Overall, this isn't bad for an early effort (I'm guessing?). It's not very ambitious, but until you feel pretty comfortable with what you're doing it's probably better to work on projects you feel are manageable/not overly complicated anyway (and later on, more difficult projects themselves will seem more manageable).

theres too many bigs to make this game playable... im avoiding all obstacles in level 2 and it still fails the level in midair

I think the voting has been harsh on your submission. There is alot of positives in your game. For a first game its actually quite strong. A lot of gamer's like an intro menu and instructions, which you should add to your next game. If you go into the project system for this game, you can edit the Author comments section and put the instructions in there, a lot of other devs do that for small games like this.

I actually liked the way the game handled, the double jump had a nice feeling to it. colision detection was also very good. I think you should make a version 2 of this game. If you replaced all of the bland visuals with some nice pixel art, add audio for the jumping, add a menu etc and re release the game you will get a much better score.

Great first game, obviously it can be greatly improved, but A+ for effort. Making games is not easy ;) keep up the good work and keep increasing your standards.

Pythlix responds:

Thanks man. I really appreciate it. :)