Wothan Escape

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It's a skill timing platform game. Can you help Wothan escape? Or is he doomed to rot in the dungeons for all eternity?


Score 56/60

I could say it's a good game, but I would lie. The gameplay is good the controls work perfect but do not enjoy the game. In my opinion it feels too empty.

The music is good, the art seems good too, the gameplay some bugs where I could not jump because I was trapped in the corner of the walls.

I think the difficult level of all for me was 2 I do not know why but level 2 was the hardest, I could take all the stars 60/60 but the truth is that I do not enjoy the game so I finish it and do not try to score perfect

20 lvls completed
56/60 yellow balls

To finish this review would say that it lacks a storyline, maybe if you gave a story did not feel as empty, as a cavernicola jumping through the walls like a monkey, collecting bananas in the form of circles because it wants to leave a jungle of cement. (You see without storyline nothing makes sense)

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this is a knock off of theif king

Yeah, I’m just not good at this game at all. It was the second level that really threw me off. I really do like the setup of this game. My laptop is probably just slow. The animation is pretty unique. It just isn’t for me.

The music isn’t bad. I just didn’t know where to really jump. It made little sense to me. You should have had more control over your character. It looked good at least.

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2.49 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2017
4:06 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other