Traps Tower

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Traps Tower is a platform game in which you must complete all the levels by dying as fewer times as possible. You'll encounter with all sort of obstacles where you must show your skills to overcome them.
Easy, difficult or impossible levels? Who knows!

We bet you not to die in any level! Avoid the screen being filled up with blood! Do you think that you are able to make it through?

Run, jump, crouch, slide and win!

Welcome to Traps Tower!

Play and enjoy!

Download an improved version here:
This improved version includes:
-Selects levels!
-Game save automatically when you complete a level!
-Score table!


Transition between stages is *way* too slow! You wait forever for the dude to finally come out of the elevator. Then you wait forever for the dude to go up the elevator once you complete a stage.

Also the fade-in fade-out takes even longer than that!

Suggestion -- remove the fade-in fade-out "special effect" entirely and find a way to make the elevators not so unreasonably slow!

It's always a shame when fairly simple games are slow and/or laggy when there's really no reason they should be.

I was happily enjoying myself, despite not usually liking these type of "rage quit" games, when I decided to take a break, and it reset everything down to level 1. Your description lists the benefits of downloading the game instead of using the browser, but it doesn't read like that. I even checked the description first before breaking, and thought it would save. I died too many times to want to replay. I would change the wording so others don't make the same mistake.

All this effort... to get to a spelling error? lol
Overall the game is great, it has a good difficulty. The main problem I had with the game was the slowdown. Whenever the character 'explodes' (eg spike death) there is some severe lag. I took a break for a while and paused the game. After the break the game felt even slower. Gameplay wise I really liked the game. There were some manouvres that seemed near impossible at first, but you just had to figure how to perform them properly. For example, when there is a sticky wall with two spikes above it leaving only one gap in the middle, you need to jump of the wall without holding left or right, and double jump through the gap. Figuring this out was hard, but I eventually got the hang of it. The music is great for some reason. It gets a little repetitive near the end, but that is probably because the game has decent length.

very awesome game. it's been 2 months that i try to make a game like that which engine did you use?

mpgames responds:

I use GameMaker!
Thank you so much and good luck with your game!

Awesome challenges (although double-jump doesn't work while holding a left or right key it seems).

mpgames responds:

The double jump doesn't work if you are falling and you want to make a double jump.
If you press left or right key the double jump does work!
Thank yoU!

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3.39 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2017
12:52 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other