Mr Rex Opening 1「ANGELCITY」

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TZAOMR Episode 2 will be out soon! Check out the (slightly outdated looking) Ep 1; http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/659101

The Opening for The Zealous Adventures of Mr Rex Episodes 2-6.

ANGELCITY by The Herb Shop: https://soundcloud.com/anonymjp/angelcityinstrumental

Here's a near complete version of the Opening. May sort out some of the low res planets and backgrounds and add some focus/blur in the near future. Still think it's funky af tho and worth seeing.

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This is actually a pretty cool intro but the animation moved a bit too fast for me to really fully comprehend everything seen.

It obviously has a very high frame rate.

The animation moved a bit too fast for me to really soak everything in.

I really wish programs like flash had capabilities for easy frame rate modulation.

I often wanted to change the frame rates within the same cartoon simply because certain actions require changing speeds.

The Cape moving fast in the wind effect was perfect.

My main criticism about your intro is about finding a way to slow down certain actions to make it more visible to the viewer.

The first shot of the spaceship coming out the worm hole.

The spaceship moves close enough to the character that you see the first character.

Than the camera zip pans to a scientist looking dinosaur.

and than three dinosaurs bop up and down to simulate walking to create another pan.

all of those actions is a lot to process in only nine seconds.

That scene could be timed a bit more slowly to make it read better on the screen.

I had to rewatch that part a few times just to catch everything in those 9 seconds.

This shot can be slowed down to really let the viewer soak it all in.

The shot of the three dinosaurs looking at moving planets was a cool shot.

I like a lot of the 3D shots in your intro.

You are starting to treat your characters as 3D objects.

You'll move those characters more loosely as you get better at constructing your character drawings and improve control over your details.

I once animated stick figures for years and eventually learned how to move them more three dimensionally.

You learn better control over details as you get better.

Good drawing is not just about applying lots of details but having total control over those details.

Your already starting to make attempts at moving those dinosaurs three dimensionally.

I predict the dinosaurs will be animated a bit looser and more lively over time.

For future intros of your series.

slow down the animation and let the viewer soak everything.

Other than that one negative criticism about the animation speed in your intro.

It's still really cool and shows a lot of obvious hard work.

This was a decent movie.

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DynoStorm responds:

Cheers. There's only so much I can do about speed if I still want it to match the track but I'll think of somethin'

this was well drawn but bazaar and it hurt my eyes

DynoStorm responds:

Please do specify. I must know.

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Feb 3, 2017
8:15 AM EST
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