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Cold Circuit

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Rocket Turret 5 Points

Destroy a rocket turret

Saw Bot 5 Points

Destroy a Saw Bot

Secret Room 5 Points

Find the secret room.

Target Practice 5 Points

Destroy a dummy

Barrels 10 Points

Destroy a robot with an explosive barrel

Berserk 10 Points

Activate berserk

Cluster Bomb 10 Points

Destroy a robot using a cluster bomb

Digitized 10 Points

Absorb 100 points of damage using the shield.

Flame Trails 10 Points

Destroy a robot with a flame trail

Frag Grenade 10 Points

Destroy a robot using a fragmentation grenade

Full Stats 10 Points

Complete all stat boosts

Limited Information 10 Points

Read the email archive in level 3

Machine Gun Turret 10 Points

Destroy a Machine Gun Turret

Pulse Grenade 10 Points

Paralyze a robot using a pulse grenade

Reflection 10 Points

Destroy a robot using damage reflection on shield (unlockable skill)

Robot Grunt 10 Points

Destroy a Robot Grunt

Robot Gunner 10 Points

Destroy a Robot Gunner

Rocket Tank 10 Points

Destroy a rocket tank

Science Rules 10 Points

Read the message terminal in level 1 or 2

100 Kills 25 Points

Dismantle 100 robots

50 Kills 25 Points

Dismantle 50 robots

Crashing Computers 25 Points

Brick 25 computers

Fully Qualified 25 Points

Complete the training level

Lasers 25 Points

Complete 3 puzzles

Manufacturer Recall 25 Points

Destroy all robots in any level

Circuit Breaker 50 Points

Complete all levels

Author Comments

Humans were turned into robots as part of a research initiative with a sinister hidden motive - to create the ultimate weapon!

A scifi/cyberpunk top down shooter featuring:

○ 6 weapons and 3 grenades.
○ 6 enemy types and 4 environmental hazards.
○ 11 levels and a training level.
○ Skill Tree with branching abilities and stat upgrades.
○ Laser Puzzles that destroy enemies.

Cold Circuit is the spiritual successor to Frozen Moons.

Controls cheat sheet:

WASD - Move
E - Use
TAB, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Change Weapon
Left Click - Shoot
Shift - Dash (unlockable)
Q - Shields (unlockable)
Z - Berserk Mode (unlockable)
G - Grenades (unlockable)

Latest releases:
2/20/17 - 1.2: Bug fixes related to keymapping
2/11/17 - Bug fix
2/10/17 - 1.1: Keymapping support (especially useful if you don't use a qwerty keyboard), bug fixes

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Very sharp

The graphics on this were very sharp looking love the over top view here on this game you have this was a really cool game you have here with some really nifty graphics the ai of the whole game was intense lots of different systems that made this fun and the meals were an extra touch so nice job there.

Make more because you clearly have some very nice talent when it comes to game making.


its not letting me play the game. I make a save file and nothing happens when i click on it

Timed door closes too fast even in training mode, yes even when holding Shift or even spamming the Shift key for those little boosts.

Should have tested better before release.

As-is this game is probably not beatable, especially if you require those timed runs in some levels which I'm guessing you do otherwise why would it be in the tutorial stage?

turtlesf responds:

I believe you but can't reproduce the bug on my end, it's probably an edge case that affects a small amount of people and, being an old game now, not worth the time to go back and fix.

Good news is the rest of the game does not rely on this timed door mechanic. It was just to teach you how to dash, which is useful for dodging bullets in game. You can play the levels without beating the tutorial.

Very ambitious and a lot of fun!

good game