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So this guy comes along and submits a load of games... he replies to reviews talking about how and why he made the games... they're not the usual Newgrounds thing, they're educational... he picks up a few portal awards along the way though...

...then one day I notice one of his submissions... "that's funny," I says to myself. "I've got a game called Energise... I wonder what his one's like" I say.


"ullo, ullo, ullo" I says... "tha's not funny at all" I says "THAT'S MY GAME!!!"

Turns out that I wrote all but one of the games in this guys submissions list.
I never released them onto Newgrounds because technically I don't own them. I wrote them for a site called Planet-Science.com who buy most of my games.

I guess I should take it as a compliment.

So anyway, this is one of those games... I've just taken over this space as of 21st January 2003. Any replies to reviews before that were written by the imposter! Thanks Tom!

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A strange game

Well I have to say that this "GAME" was somewhat strange didnt know what to do at first but the art and graphics are pretty smooth and you have some smooth flow of the animation on this was just kind of confused with this game I do like the idea of it though nice work here.

some improved instructions would be nice.


I thought this was made by Manuel Fallmann. I guess I was thinking of some "Infect Repeat" game. This was kind of boring. It was just you absorbing stuff. I guess it was meant to be educational. You know, biology.

I guess blood bugs aren't literal bugs. I do know of blood sucking bugs. I do like learning about anatomy. Wow, Review Crew Pick with no other awards. That's odd.

.....commmon thing apparently

is it just me or are all your games educational/ involve exploding cows?

bloodbug review= little confusing don'tcha think?

for future players (blue is good for yellow/ anything else= BAD for you)

Great game!

This game is addicting! I've got two suggestions: 1- Make checkpoints 2- Show all the upgrades, not just the ones you can afford. I like knowing how much I have to save up for the next one. Besides that, it's awesome. :D

too hard

its seriously too hard, i have three suggestions. A: make the shields last longer. B: make it so the enemies do less damage. C: make less enemies come out at a time. other than that, its a oood game

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3.67 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2002
8:58 PM EST
Action - Other
  • Review Crew Pick November 13, 2002