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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.04)

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Play the newest version here!

Con-Quest expands with this newest, latest version! With added enemies, quests, dialogue and rewards, Con-Quest grows in content and challenge! Our heroes grow ever closer to confronting the Witch and saving the Poke-Con!

We’d like to thank our Patrons and the Newgrounds community for their patronage and feedback! We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Don’t forget to check out our Patreon! Patrons are able to vote on upcoming creative choices, submit suggestions and improvements directly the developers, and receive new

versions of the game early with EXP and Currency bonuses and topless versions of certain character portraits!


Art by Emily. Check her out at


Stickers by GrossGirl. Check her out at


Update Notes:

Lightning spell:

small damage increase while shocked

damage lowered dramatically while undering healing scissors debuff

damage now scales with Max MP

Grass spell:

small damage increase while under healing scissors debuff

damage lowered dramatically while under the on fire debuff

damage scales with max enemy HP up to a cap which is increased by your max mana.

Fire spell:

fire damage buff now scales slightly with max MP

small damage increase while on fire

damaged lowered dramatically while shocked.

damage scales with max MP.

New Characters:

Cuebone Cosplayer , Boss, Umbreon cosplayer(ultra rare)

New Area:

There is a new area past the beach room.


you can no long run from boss fights.

Typing "friendzonedagain" in the Pateron input will revert all topless character portraits to clothed ones.

A bunch of new random shop cutscenes have been added. They have a chance to trigger whenever you enter the shop room after you save the new cosplayers.

Pateron increased shiny chance has been redone and should now work better.

Camera feature:

The Camera will now zoom in when going to the next rip state.


Added a new song " Pokemon Sun & Moon: Vs. Rival! Final Encounter [Fanmade] " By EternalSushi


Eevee animation now has 2 parts.

$10 + Patreon Rewards:

3 new topless character portraits have been added.

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nice but i dont think i have a password so i have to play again and again till i finish




I love it! If only the girls made sound. I was very deep into the game when I looked over and saw there are updated versions... Ugh, time to play this great game again.

CuddlePitGames responds:

Your save password can carry over to the new versions.