My Nympho Wife & Co. Beta (18+)

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EDIT: FULL AND MUCH IMPROVED VERSION IS OUT! GO PLAY THAT INSTEAD! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/694834

Hi guys! Here's an early beta/demo of our latest game, penned by Ebihime. The game features 3 romanceable characters and a bunch of sex scenes.

The full version will come to Newgrounds in March or April - slightly earlier to backers on our Patreon.

CG & character art (upscaled and edited) is from an older Japanese game, and used with permission.

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cut to june 2019 - still beta

marblesyrup responds:

Uh, no, the full game was released as Nympho Wife++ two years ago. It's in our profile.

Flowey sound effect in a hentai game.
I can't.
You brought sweet Asriel into it.
I can't.
Rating non-applicable, I'm literally leaving now, lol.

very long story, less talking more fucking please, lol

At somepoint it started to turn into more of an adventure then fap tour. When the guy bow donw before the girl and started asking for help i almost cried of lougther :D. Pretty solid game

The art style is very appealing to the eyes. Also, tiny bits of humor sprinkled within the game mix well with the erotic tone of this game. Overall, it's amazing!

marblesyrup responds:

Play the full version instead, man! Nympho Waifu++