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The Legend of LUST - The Final Trial (1st update)

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Download & Play:

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

The Legend of LUST is an adult RPG game in constant development. The game follows the story of Lust, a lust demon from the 2nd circle of hell. It features lots of explicit sexual content, violent turn based combat, various realms that Lust will be able to explore and conquer, evolving characters and much more.

It took us over half a year to create this game, we hope that you will enjoy it and that you may consider supporting the ongoing development.

This game also features some Patron only content to show our appreciation for those that do choose to support our work.

The game was designed at 1280x900. The version posted here is running at 896x630 (70% size). You may view the full size game on our website where we have the game in 3 alternative sizes/resolutions.

This is the 1st update to the game. The Final Trial update.

Below you may view a fast recap of what we are adding/fixing with this update.

New additions.

- Brand new sexy model!!! Finish the update to view ;)

- The final trial battle.

- New playable character in battle, Demonica the warrior, with her own moves and unique fatality scene.

- New sound effects added to main sex scenes (moaning etc).

- Preliminary audio on/off function on main sex scenes.

- New description text for Demonica.

- A Patron only button to skip the tutorial right up to the final trial battle.

Fixes (among others).

- Fixed the map persistence issue.

- Lowered the master volume of the music in the main sex scenes.

- Fixed some of the vanishing dialog screens.

- Fixed the link to "justGirls".

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it was good but after fighting the last boss and sex with hottie I was stuck it a everlasting sex which is cool but I am not sure if that was the end or if I could keep fighting and it bugged out


Hi progamerpreston,
thanks for trying out our game.
That is the very 1st update to our game the Legend of LUST and dates back to 2017.
We are now around update 30 and you can download the latest version for free from our website www.pgspotstudios.com. Although it is still expanding on a monthly basis, there is a lot of content in the game now.

I cant see anything...



Glad you like it thx

its an okay game. itd pass better as an ad revenue getter as opposed to a paetreon game. you have amarous to compete with and they didnt half to lock stuff behind paywalls even at a higher quality. plus this game is kind of lacking in customization and options, like i cant turn off music without turning off sound effects?


well this was only the 1st update. It has been growing a lot since. It now has a lot more functions, including sound control. You can download and check out the latest update from pgspotstudios.com
Regarding the paywall, there really isn't any. What we did is create a full and free game to which we later added extras reserved for our Patrons as a sing of gratitude. Nonetheless, the game is fully free and complete even without those additional extras.
Thanks for checking out our work ;)

This game is great, I love everything, but there is one thing I wish you could change. The music is cool, but it would be nice to mute the music while having sex. (Basically, I'm asking for a mute audio button, and a mute music button)



Hi Dj,
glad to hear that you like our work and thanks for the great rating.
The game now has several newer updates to it and at one point we did introduce audio functions.
This is the last purely online flash version of the game that we have posted here on NG:
You can also play the newer Unity based version of the game via free download from our website.
Thanks for checking out our game and for leaving a review.
Cheers ;)