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Author Comments

The builds we release here are to communicate and show our current progress and iterations to our playerbase. We are aiming to release a complete version on mobile platforms soon.

We would like to encourage players to leave feedback/suggestions/issues for us in our Thread so that we can directly resolve and answer to them.

V2.0 Asteroid Update
-Environmental Hazards were introduced-
- Asteroid Stage was added. Defend against incoming asteroids that would collide with your planet!
-Planet Atmosphere was added.
-Radar Indicator Icon was removed.
-Consecutive Radar-Waves indicate the incoming flare`s strength.
-Maximum amount of resources were decreased.
-Updated Tutorial pages.
-Balance issues caused by too much resources.
-Adjustments to certain variables withing the game.

A stylistic space themed game with an emphasis on providing the player with challenging gameplay. Protect your planet from solar flares by building Dyson panels in space.

Idealized and developed by a Group of awesome people in 48 hours, during the 2017 Global Game Jam.

Page for developer updates:

List of Updates:

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The conditions for when your panels catch a solar flare vs when they don't, and go right through, and destroy them, and then the earth, seems nigh autistic levels of specific.

I'm serious, it seems as if a solar panel has to face the incoming flare directly in order to catch it, as if it's even leaning slightly away from it, the flare will just go straight through.

Considering you must build in a straight line, rather than a curve, wouldn't this imply that some flare will ALWAYS get through past the solar panels? Isn't that just bad design? I don't understand.

Edit: In replaying the game, my opinion actually got worse, as I can't help but notice that even if a solar panel is facing a wave directly, some will....just go through anyways...Like, if I have a massive line of solar panels (often needed, because the bare minimum often means the planet gets hit regardless), and the flare comes, some of them will just...get destroyed, for seemingly no reason, others being totally fine, but my earth still gets fucked. What?

Good concept and gameplay. User interface in non-gameplay parts was little bad, but it standed out only as rest of game was very well done. Worst thing in the game was that after getting hang of it, you can protect planet indefinitely, but you have no direction. Game could be little harder, or have some way to adjust(I would be interested of what would happen if planet could hold more energy, starts with more energy, but energy gained from flares would be decreased little bit).
+Art (supported other stuff well enough)
#Music( it was fine wasn't annoying, so, well done)
-No ending (if game would always end in defeat, that would also be fine)

What I would like to see:
I would like that player could zoom out, colonize other planets, and eventually build Dyson sphere around the star. Other would be that flares would start giving less and less energy, so that player would eventually fail.

Cool way to add to either would be if goal was to trey to build enough surplus energy that humanity could shift to other another star. In first suggestion, amount energy needed would bee so large, that player would need to have Dyson sphere. In latter it would be fight against time (amount required could even reset if you build more panels).

fodormartinb responds:

Thank You for your feedback! We have resolved the issues you mentioned in your review.
We are going to release an updated build soon whith these changes.

I just cocooned the planet in a bunch'a panels and left it ther and boom, Good score
It's fun and hard in the beginning but gets very easy and boring, It would be a nice game with more balance and more gameplay

fodormartinb responds:

Thank You for the review!

We are close to releasing an updated build which will address the current balance issue, as well as introduce new gameplay elements.

nice game!
but when I spammed my surroundings with the panels I got infinite points

"challenging gameplay" - not so challenging - that's why I took 1,5 stars from the 5 stars rating!

but I got entertained by it, so it was worth it! :)

fodormartinb responds:

Thank You for the review!

We are going to resolve the current balance issues in the next update.
We thought buffing this build a bit more to see what needs tweaking and optimizing.

I like the idea. But I see no real challenge or gameplay here. At first I was confused how to play it, but once you survive a couple of flares with minimal resources and collect a meteor or two, you get to a point where your resources are maxed (200) and your planet is fully protected with thick layers of those panels & you simply can't lose anymore. I got bored very quickly since.

Don't get me wrong, this is a very nice idea but it really needs balancing & more of the new content.

I was thinking that if the gravity acted on the panels, they would fall towards it and damage it if they hit it. That way you couldn't keep your planet cocooned & would need to deconstruct and reconstruct the panels all the time making the game more alive.


fodormartinb responds:

Thank You for your feedback!

We are almost ready to release an updated build which adresses many of the current balance issues such as spamming panels.