The Last Defense

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It is the end of the World! The zombies are attacking to people to destroy the all humans in the world. And the people who wants themselves protected, gather up in a castle. There are insufficient types of weapons and which is why there will be only one person protect the castle. This person is you! Take your guns near and take your position in the defense line!


So heres the issues:
1. Perhaps English isn't your first language, that's fine, understand though that nothing dooms a game (pre click) quite as hard as broken English all over your thumb nail. I've no doubt you lost a lot of potential players right there. Take the time to check and double check your wording, it's important.

2. As literally every other review has stated, it's probably not a good idea to name your game after one of the most successful submissions on Newgrounds. Although you may have been going for a "parody" feel, it obviously didn't come across that way to anyone.

3. All of that could've been salvaged with good game-play though, but the disappearing bullets and poor collision detection was an instant turn-off for me, no doubt others as well.

I think you could make a decent game out of this with (a lot) more polish and either a name change or at least some emphasis on the parody nature of it. As it stands though it's just an experience to be learned from, in my opinion.

That cartoony clone of a far superior game tho.

"the last defense"
uh, you copied..?

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A very bad and boring remake of "The Last Stand" by ConArtistgames.

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Umm Is this a remake of "The Last Stand" by ConArtistgames? Because this VERY similar....

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2.82 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2017
11:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person