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City of Dyuhm

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My submission for the 48 hour Global Game Jam 2017
It won the awards for Judge's Choice, Best Art and Best Gameplay on the sight!

Doctor Dyuhm has the power to make the world *DYUUHWMM* Police gathers by the masses to bring an end to this terror. Are you going to let them stop you; or will you dyuhm your way out of it?

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Se entrecruzan los niveles, y se quewdan pegadas las frases y cuando muere el juego sigue y se traba.

I really like everything about the game, but there is an absence of a scoring system, making the powerup "kamakaze" useless. The song doesn't loop, causing there to be no music while playing an extended period of time. Also, I didn't know that running into the boss would hurt me, much less insta-kill me. Great game nonetheless.

2 things I am gonna say in this review:

1: Great game, Love the idea and concept.

2. Reply to: robert93, wtf are you talking about and why the hell are your ","s and "."s 2 spaces apart from any other word you have said!?

Great work, dude!

This was fun. How did you achieve the wave effect?