Marksman Range

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<KNOWN ISSUE> WebGL can sometimes unlock the cursor, making it visible and preventing you from controlling the game when the cursor is outside of the game window. To Fix this, simply Press 'R', which should hide the cursor once again.


LMB - shoot
RMB - use sights
Mouse Wheel - adjust zoom
W and S - adjust zeroing
A and D - change weapons
TAB - toggle wind on/off
SPACE - toggle bullet cam on/off
R - hide cursor (if it becomes visible)

Tap into your inner Mark Wahlberg and see if you can make that kill shot a mile out!

Just a little prototype project I whipped up over the weekend. Nothing too polished. If this gets any fandom maybe I'll touch it up and make it look and feel a little nicer.

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very simple and relaxing. i would like it if you put some goals or achievements in the game.

Bullet cam was top notch, on par with 1st 'sniper ghost warrior'.Overall looks feels like AWP training maps in csgo.

Negatives : Guns feel very weak.Air guns or bb guns suites more, since you can see bullets.
"Adjust zeroing" was too OP.It just takes out the skill requirement.

And like the other guy have stated, make aiming through scopes in toggle mode rather than always click.

Decent game and Amazing bullet physics ;) I totally respect The amount of time and effort for this and the fact that I got addicted to it for 15mins :P.

it could be better if you dont have to hold the LMB while aiming

Quite good, with difficulty scaling quickly. The lack of a way to return the cursor to the locked state can occasionally become an issue. Keep up the good work!

Meeket responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The issue with the cursor is one with WebGL. Unfortunately I can't fully disable the cursor and prevent it from reappearing with Unity. I did however, add a hotkey to re-hide the cursor if it becomes visible. Simply press 'R'.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2017
2:36 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person