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Author Comments

Pixel Day 2017 late entry- featuring advanced full range aiming technology! Created in 9 days by Megamyth Games exclusively for NG! Play through three challenging levels as ASTROGARD Jeromy on a mission to defeat the Karkhad Army! Fight big bosses and annoying foes.

WASD to move player.
Move mouse to aim gun arm.
Left click to shoot gun, skip menu, or PRESS START
W, right click, or space to jump.


-Walk off edge of a platform to do a little hop- from here, you can still do a full jump!

-Hold jump button to increase jump length height and time.

-After grabbing onto a rope, use left and right key to swing left or right to dodge attacks!

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Not bad but a few complaints. Overall the visuals are okay but....it feels like pixels scattered around too much rather than following a pattern. The HP bar looks nice though, but having at the bottom feels a bit...strange. It's a bit too big mainly, keeps my eyes looking away from the character. I like how the first boss looked though. But the yellow pipes feel stolen from Mario.

I like the mechanics of this game though, good programming, but I feel this game's potential is hardly seen here, could use a lot more than what it's offering, but not bad for a start. The music is alright.

josephbourgeois responds:

They do look pretty similar to Mario pipes/ although the play mechanic was more of a tribute to the enemy pipes in NES metroid and were drawn by hand. I thought it was OK since the pixel day idea is to tribute to older games :) Thanks for playing. Of course it could be better if we spent more than 8 days on it.

Just staying the auto jump is really annoying, As some platform are already tight and falling off takes a bit off your health bar. Besides that great game!

josephbourgeois responds:

Yeah the auto-hop was included to help save the player from falling off edges - since the little hop can be used as a double jump- but it might be a bit sensitive. Sorry if it makes things harder for you... Did you get to the end? :)

Pretty awesome you got there man here's 5 stars :)

josephbourgeois responds:

THANK you!!!! Appreciate the STARS!!!!

nice graphics and cool enemies!

josephbourgeois responds:

Glad you think so! It was fun to make :)

This seems like it'd be an alright game if I could jump with W. Seriously, that's messing me up pretty badly

josephbourgeois responds:

I have updated the game to include your suggestion! W should have been included from the beginning! Thank you for your invaluable input.