Bad Ponies 4

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Fist me daddy

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This is pretty much worse than the original bad ponie games.

Found the 3 hidden secrets. Any more I missed?

This isn't the worst game I have played on Newgrounds (I don't know how this is possible). Nice trolling!

Just got cancer. But it was awsome.

are you ever going to make a decent game?

Edit: 2017 wasn't my best year, this is when this comment was made, sorry if this comment was too mean (like the others) this is shit but you still don't deserve to be treated as if you were trash or not good at anything. I just hope you someday do something that isn't as shitty as this stuff, you clearly just do these out of boredom and because you got nothing to do with your time. (I didn't make this comment because I was salty or sad in 2017, I was just less tolerant and didn't think of the person behind the screen as much, nobody deserves to be treated this way, not even a asshole because they might be going through something rough, and even less this dude who recognizes this is shit and just did it because he or she felt like doing it (look at the genre, "spam"), let people do this shit even if it's cringy or funny, doesn't hurt nobody and if it hurts you because you feel like you wasted your time or just made you annoyed, dude, take a break, improve your life, be a better person.)

Not changing the rating to this shit though lol, you gotta be honest and this is shit but you shouldn't be mistreated because of it

0/10, I'm sick of My Little Pony.

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Jan 23, 2017
6:51 PM EST
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