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Cat Clicker (Fix)

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Jan 23, 2017 | 1:54 PM EST

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Author Comments

Latest update - Removed NG Api, Using iFrame from website instead of seperate host.

This was my first game, its pretty old and I just decided to upload it here, the place that would hate it most.
(Game also hosted on my website, but you already have it here)

(Website Version:



Rated 0 / 5 stars

what ? save game reload load game is nothing .... and medals ... lag or not ?

SlimeEnergy responds:

Fixed game.
(No glitchy NG Api)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I promised myself that I will write a guide here about dealing with the problems that the players can meet while playing this game. Well... it will be almost complete. A bit of a shame for the author that did not bother to upload a "less glitchy" version also on Newgrounds ;-)
So... the guide:
1. Better not to play this on Firefox. Not sure why, but when I tried to play this game on Firefox it was failing to save. I was clicking on "save", the game log was saying "game saved", but when I was returning to the game and wanted to load the browser was telling me that "cookies not found". Oh yeah, I ate them, I forgot ;-)
2. Also the medals seem to be not working on Firefox.
3. If you click very fast manually like I was doing the game can start to freeze a bit. Once it even caused my computer to crash and forced a reboot.
4. Loading problems on Chrome: sometimes when you return to the game and want to load a game nothing will happen - don't panic! Reload the game again and try to load now, if still nothing happens - now it is time to panic ;-)
5. Glitching: be prepared for situations in which the game will just freeze. Well, not completely. You will be still able to click the cat and see the falling cats in the background, but that's all. No gains, no buying upgrades and no saving or loading, so... better save frequently.
6. Probably the most important: the medals. Most of the medals ARE NOT UNLOCKING in the moment you meet their requirements. In most cases you will have to save the game, reload the page and then they should unlock. Sometimes you may have to repeat that to make them work. Man, that' irritating...
7. More glitches: if you click on a medal at the very beginning - everything will be working in a normal way, but if you try it at the later stage, I mean after playing for a while the medal menu will not open or you won't be able to close it by clicking on "back". What's more: at this state it is likely that while reloading the page the game will cause the browser to freeze for a longer moment and it can even stop responding. Eventually it should get back to normal after few seconds.
8. Most irritating for me and the reason why this guide is incomplete: the Winner medal. Despite reaching 100 000 many times, clicking Win lots of times, reloading the game many times the game is unwilling to give me the final medal...
So... there are lots of fields on which the game should be improved and I am hereby encouraging the author to do it :-)

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SlimeEnergy responds:

Fixed (Removed Glitchy NG Api)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think it is great :)
Some same kind of games may just let you get crazy and don't know when( or is it possible ) to reach an ending( Even there is, you may still think it's endless).
I'm so glad I can see 'You won!' in such game this time :D
Besides I think the cat is cute~ No delay or get crashed after clicking too much times :P

Maybe you can have medals for different click times( just suggestion because people will play the game for medals and thus may like your game ;) )

SlimeEnergy responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great fun! Especially for a old game that you made!

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SlimeEnergy responds:



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Learn to sanitize your doubles. No-one wants to see 20 completely meaningless digits after their numbers.

SlimeEnergy responds:

Like I said, this was an old game. I made it awhile ago, and won't be updating it. rn if I was still updating it, I'd use math.floor() or math.round()