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TD-Shut The World Out

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Some teachers don't allow music in class. Even quietly. With headphones. These people are satan's cocksuckers.

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can you favorite a newgrounds movie.

Nice style

And so this was a nice style I like some of the jokes and the drawings are not half bad you do have some good flow of animation here I think you could make the story turn into a few twists with more depth but it was still a good story here

Good story maybe as more depth with a few twists and turns


Raziberry responds:

A few twists and turns? Dude, this is my real life, sorry my life is boring!

I dont know your painting teacher but I hate them already. Like you music is basically my life.

I would have laughed at her. Little late, but great work.

Oh shit dawg, was that Amber Lamps on the bus?

Raziberry responds:

She cares not for the follies of mere mortals.