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Battle Ground

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The reason why people start off the game with 750 coins is because when i played the game i made it soo that i start of with 750 coins and i dont need to kill hundreds of enemies
1.1.0 UPDATE
*coins scroll down
*when the coin is on the wall it stops moving
*when player touches the coin the coin is destroyed and the value of the coin is added
*player is faster
+2017 text is added to the main menu
+version text is added to the main menu
*the place is
+health bar is added
+Artists name is added (sry :D)
*button mechanic changed
*fixed the manual
*fixed that the music is louder
*main menu animation is faster
+shopbackground added
*skeleton animation fixed
*score fixed
*text in wall removed

1.2.0 UPDATE (coming soon)

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this is an amazing game with intuitive game play that makes me want to play.
it has a cool art style and music

things i have noticed
you can get fully upgraded cannons with the starting 750 coins
and coins stay even if you are in the shop menu


I like the idea of the game you really put some time and energy into this game and made it fun that menu and options for it are very fresh looking so props to you on such a nice element of this game type you have a good talent on making these types of games I don't think you need much to ad to this as this was pretty solid of a game anyways nice game here

So as mentioned no changes on this one


Flame152 responds:

Thank you so much for this very kind review. It shows through out your review that you have game development experience. If you find this game interesting then stay tuned for a even better game that is coming. :)

Honestly i really like the menu and the music, its a great start to the game and keep doing a good work!

I think it is definitely an improvement over your last games.

Excellent menu, good graphics, nice music. The only problem is that the pacing is off. It is beyond tedious to collect coins one by one when things costs hundreds of coins.

Your bullets are too slow, you move waaaaaaay too slow. The game feels very detached and slow in general.

I really like the graphics! But wheres the sound? I like the manual how you can scroll up and down, but...the letters are WAY too big and strainful to look at, I'd make them a lot smaller like normal text reading. The character moves wayyy too slow though, and I feel the enemies could move a bit faster too. I found myself quitting after 30 seconds due to how slow the character is.

Give yourself more time when submitting a game for a holiday, plenty of time, even if you think you don't need it. You should finish this game, I want to see what it looks like when it's done! :) Though, you should replace the text in the score counter and coin counter with a basic pixel font over what you have. This game has potential but I don't know what to expect in the gameplay besides shooting. You say it's tower defense, so I assume there will be upgradable towers?

It just looks like a shooter to me, but it's somewhat fun. If you were to add towers and upgrades, putting places in the field where to place a tower along with the other weapons you get, would make for a fun game. Keep workin on it! :)