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Cyber Remix

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20% EXTRA 50 Points

Get at least 20% bonus

A wolf from rome 50 Points

Get at least 40000 in Milkdog

Glasses only! 50 Points

Get at least 40000 in Glasses

Mr G 50 Points

Find mr G!

Negativity 50 Points

Get -40000 points!

No more anxiety 50 Points

Get at lest 40000 in Phobias

Game Master 100 Points

Get at least 100 000 points!

Micropayments 100 Points

Sadly, it's sometimes a real thing

Author Comments

X/C/ENTER/ARROWS to control!

Inspired by nintendo world championships 1990 and a friend of mine.

In this game you have to learn, get better and optimize your performance in these 3 retro games in order to get the best score of them all!

A newgrounds edition for pixelday2017!

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i cry.

Not bad for one of those strange kind of games. You probably should have included in the instructions that X is the button you press to "do stuff" though, because it's not really playable until you figure that out.

Milkdog 40000 score medal is insane. That's gotta be the hardest of medals to achieve (unless Micropayments is the hardest to achieve -- no idea how to get that one yet)

Do you maybe have to get above 20% to get the 20% extra medal? I got exactly 20% and that didn't award so I'm thinking maybe the test is > 20 rather than >= 20.

So I'm not sure if I officially "win" at this or not. Game instructions say to get better and optimize performance to get the best score of all, and I currently have the #1 spot in the high scores. I'm still short on three medals though.

Final scores (to give others some idea on what's possible)

Phobias - 47640
Milkdog - 28680
Glasses - 84750
Bonus - 19.75%

For a grand total score of 192881

Love the graphics, and I like the music and symbolism but the 3rd minigame kinda ....bothered me and left me confused. I feel like at the end of each game there should be some explanation as to what's going on. The first game made sense to me, but the others didn't. Also there should be a seizure warning for the bonus game (but warning at the start of the game overall).

Can you explain what all this is exactly? Not much context besides the case study thing which I found interesting. It left me confused, but is interesting. It had some fun minigames, but the "terrorist" minigame just...it really bothers me. Also, it's too hard, it's annoying to get shocked every other second, I feel that could be toned down a bit.

Well programmed and drawn, but I feel could use more explanation. Most important, not even a tutorial was given so it was kinda annoying to figure out the controls. You should add that in. Nice work though.

Gurgie responds:

Thanks for the review!

Most of my recent games here are from my experiment Gurgosus (collectible QR code cards that work/look like famicom cartridges) modified to fit newgrounds. The design in these games is inappropriate, kitschy (high inspiration in cheap famicom bootlegs, popular in my country in the 90's), memory based and sometimes unforgiving to fit the lore.

This one, Cyber Remix, is based on my friend and tuber Cyber Marian. He did let me make his "licensed game", but didn't engage in my creative process that much. In his videos he often wears different costumes, like mafioso, gardener, boxer etc. as a joke. That could be interpreted as a mental disorder, so I did, and made this game using that concept.

All of the minigames use other games from my console (Happy, Spectre Hounds and An Hero) with modified graphics to fit the character Marian. It was designed to be a tournament game for my platform, and I organized tournaments a few times at conventions.

The terrorist one is based on his gadget "Cyber Glasses", and the player is eliminating anyone not wearing these - the non believers of his work.

In the future I will make sure the newgrounds versions of these games fits newgrounds standards better (obviously, I plan making newgrounds specific games as well :p). Thank you.

It wasn't bad. . . it wasn't necessarily good. . . but it definitely was smooth and interesting.