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Platformer Pests 2

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The sequel to Platformer Pests. See the first!



Video game minion Mac is on the run from Baron Unbearable as he continues his quest to get the Tera Tie to get revenge on Jack the guy who stole his burger! The Tera Tie is a console a replica of the system his very world is in, it can grant him the ability to hack his reality.


Check out the comic site! www.platpests.thecomicseries.com


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Not bad, the voicework isn't bad and the animation is great! Hope to see more in the future!

That's pretty cool. It's super confusing and random and for some reason I like it.

Artwork is good, but I kind of feel the opening voice wasn't needed, the text explains it all. It messes with the flow of narraration since you switch without a voice. Also the second song that loops gets interrupted, making for not a smooth loop. Also, some of the text kinda jumps fast before I get a chance to read the story so it feels rushed and I don't want to pause to read it.

The animation and art I like, but the close up shots like around 3:24 really put off the vibe with the changing art style, throws it off. The writing needs a lot of work. It feels like it just drags on and doesn't really keep my attention, sadly. I like the music. Also the fact the voice actors are missing makes this look incomplete and overall not as good as it could be.

If you had all the voices, the text wouldnt even be necessary through most of it, it's kinda annoying to listen to a voice and look at the text at the same time. Good choice of music though and pleasing, some things to work on, voice actor audio quality needs work instead of sounding compressed, I feel like this could be uploaded in HD.

Keep on workin, you'll improve as you go, it's cool you got to collab with all these great folks, and make something with original characters.

thepixelizer responds:

I mainly added text boxes because not all of my characters have mouths, without them it would be hard to tell which characters are talking, the Narrator was mostly put there as a hook, because reading a bunch of text at the beginning might have been boring.

Well I'm glad you liked the character designs and music choices, I never noticed that the higher resolution close up sprites would be jarring thanks for that call.

Sorry for the dragging, but good news, the next episode will have more action.

Thanks for the review it really helps.

this has the feel of something thats been in the works WAY to long you know like a duke nukem for ever? you need to go back rework some of the animation. i LOVE the character concepts especially
punchy simple designs often work the best. the music is decent and the jokes are good but you need to take any old artwork and well rework it.

This looks incredible!! I also really enjoyed myself a lot as Groomy :)

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2017
10:58 AM EST
  • Flash
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Paint