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Hurdle Turtle Forever

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Dodge obstacles and jump hurdles to get the hiscore in this survival marathon of madness! Collect coins and unlock new characters* and levels!


Up,Down / On-Screen Switch Button - Switch lanes
Spacebar / On-Screen Jump Button - Jump, double-jump
Enter - Start
Esc - Go Back

Runs best on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer!
Also Supports Gamepads! Get it for your phone at

* Current guest chracters include Kratos (God of War/Sony Santa Monica), Sgt. John Captain (Newgrounds.com), Kebako (Cat Girl Without Salad/WayForward) and even Santa Claus himself!

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Some of the commens mention what I would have said, but overall nice graphics, nice gameplay, but it feelslike the same game just more like a collection of the same game with different backgrounds. It's not bad but feel it needs a changeup. Also the high price for unlocking isn't rewarding it feels too intimidating to want to keep playing. If it were more like 20 or 30, that would be better. I like the music, overall nice job just needs some tweaking.

collision is off. last attempt i died jumping over a hurdle and i wasn't even near it and it just killed me.

also it's too loud imo. i use the most popular headset in the world and one click above mute the volume is too loud. (that's 8/100 volume as far as window's is concerned)

Holmfry responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

We haven't been able to reproduce the collision issue you described. Are you sure it wasn't a wall-type obstacle (the ones that occupy only one lane)? Those ones can't be jumped over. If not, please DM me with which Turtle & level you were playing and we will have a look.

Not a bad game. Simplistic, has a retro feel to it. Challenge level starts increasing pretty quickly as well. Good job!

Holmfry responds:

Thank you! That's precisely what we were going for. :)

Not bad, it's like that one section from battletoads except it goes on forever.

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the review! Battletoads is a good comparison.. and a big compliment for us! :)

Seems Too Simple ( If that makes sense)

Jump. Move down. Jump. Get coin. Repeat. Unlock level/character. It just needs something a little more. I would definitely play it if it had a few more gameplay mechanics or something more to it. Hope you take my comment in to consideration. Have a nice day :)

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we will keep that in mind.