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The Morning After

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Author Comments

After a one night stand, we all face that awkward next morning...


I like the Animation and its nice to see someone still appreciates Outkast. But you should give some tribute in the comments as basically all the audio is directly taken from the Album.

First, solid four stars, and you have something here that poses potential for either a series, or enough ammo' for many future "iterations" for the sake of varied experience. But, for now, let's just get to this particular, and I'll offer a few ideals about where one might go at the end (last paragraph, and yes, you can skip it if you'd rather)...
To file under, complaint / tip (and I'd intensify the "tip" side) : audio. I am a technical guy, so as I go through these submissions with hopes to help through objective observation, I turn the volume up a bit higher than the usual expectation. Keeping that in mind, the technique often helps me in other works, keep the audio from various unwanted effects. My suggestion for you on the audio is simple, because your V.A.'s are picking up a little more than I think they intend. The "S" sounds in particular are "shrilling", that is, carrying an annoying sensation beyond the usual sound. There's a few ways to work around this, and I understand you're trying for the effect of picking up whispers.
One solution (V.A.'s) : By hanging or standing virtually anything between your mouth and the microphone, your breath is never directly on the mic' or damper (the foamy thing most mic's have covering them)... This prevents hard consonants (like K or T) from crackling or carrying, no matter the "gain" settings.
Two solution (V.A.'s) : Change the settings of "Gain" and "Sensitivity" for your microphone (or pick-up / input)... Read a few sample words and lines as you record, and then listen to the playback at high volume (okay, not necessarily "FULL" since some software combo's can blow speakers and damage equipment)... Listen for "weird stuff" which is anything you didn't intend to be played back from what you read.
Three solution (Audio editor, animator, or about anyone denoted to "sound guy" for the day) : Open audio files in an audio editor software or studio suite. I, personally use "Audacity" but there are others out there. For reference (however) anything I include here, can be done with audacity and its additives. First, just visually look at the track, from end to end. You can scroll with the mouse like anything else. You might even be best to "zoom in" until you can see the "waves" fairly clear. Of course you're looking for "cut-offs" which often show red in Audacity, but are places where the volume from the input is just too high for the system to handle. This causes clipping which is what sounds like crackling or a "motorboat" sound in your finished product. At the same time, you'll want to be cautious (especially around anything that's supposed to be a whisper) that you avoid anything to do with even close to top-out on the volume. Basically, the more of the space in the track that the wave takes up, the louder it registers through the system and into the earphones with the final product. Now, in Audacity, there's a fair variety of ways to handle it, from volume compression to filters and so forth. Play a little and eventually you can export exactly the audio you want for what you're doing. Please do keep in mind, I offer this to help, not because I think you can't handle it. Welcome to being an artist, and we're all practicing here...
About that potential... I suspect, we've probably all had a variety of one-night-stands... In reality, you probably wouldn't be even close to thinking this other person is "the one"... That possibility might be there, but it's not a likely thought. However, the thought to pursue a relationship could be in there. It's been fun so far, why not a little more? Right? And while we're on it, I spent the last half minute, aching for this guy to at least wonder something about "what the fuck that guy want?" Someone's outside shouting my "handle" (as we call it around here) at the top of his lungs, I'm usually somewhere between a retort that he ought to damn know better (my door's generally unlocked if not open) or throwing something obnoxious at the fool. So... yeah, there is that... You got so close to making me spray soda out my nose, or catching me with some other remarkably emotional investment in your characters... but this came to a four star grinding halt...
Oh, relax! It was good or I wouldn't care enough to post all this... Maybe it kicks a few ideas around for you, and there might even be a remedy for things you've already tried to deal with... who knows? Anyways, breathe.... relax.... and keep on keeping on.
I can certainly look forward to more as you get to it... And please, remember... don't rush.

I really liked it, I laughed when she said "where are my panties??"

I enjoyed it. I did notice that like so many younger people today, she does not stray far from her phone.

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Nice little animation, question, is the audio from a movie? Dude's voice sounds like Andre 3000.

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2017
10:18 PM EST
Comedy - Parody