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Frenzy Living

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Guide Lisa or her friends. Relax, sleep, eat and take care of the neighbors who occasionally come to visit! Arrange a job and try keeping it, learn skills by reading, watch tv, play games, relax, work, sleep, wash and so much more!

Instructions: Use left click to do activities, drag and drop the neighbors to the right order.

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The idea of the game is really cool. I was really looking forward to playing.
The tutorial is excellent, so i imagined the game would be too; unfortunately, its too glitchy.
Character gets stuck doing tasks, and some clicks doesnt even work.
Also, time relation between tasks taking place and stats draining down is soooo wrong.
I had the bar full for hunger, and while i took a bath, hunger stroke me and i lost.
I never make it to day 2, because my character seems unable to go to sleep.
It has potential to be a really good game, but you have to repair all this things.

2 stars for the idea and excellent art work.

The only good quality about this game is the art. It does not function well at all. The character gets stuck doing actions, the stats drain WAY too fast to keep up with, and the game frequently doesn't respond to your clicks.

very glitchy. difficult to play because the character gets stuck doing certain tasks.

If I wanted to play a blocky looking Sims I would play the original by EA.

wwggames responds:

you need to upgrade your VGA card dude.

15 days? :(

wwggames responds:

you want to extend it?:P