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A young monster tries to get by in a world of ponies, griffons, dogs, and dragons.

Continue the story: http://ponycon.us/comic
Mirage plushies are for sale during Ponycon. If you can't make it you'll have to convince a friend to pick one up for you. A plushie is $25, the comic is $10, or get both for $30. The plush is adorable. I want a sea of them.

Mirage: ObabScribbler

Professor: Jamison Smith

Aggressive Dragon: Dusty Rhoades

Scared Pony: Edward James

Cafe Customer: Sparkle Chord

Grumpy Mule: Cougar MacDowall

Robb Stone

Sol: https://www.youtube.com/user/IronSolawi

TheFatRat: "Infinite Power!"

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Not really a new concept but something that is innovative and we do need more villains to cheer for. Hero's are overrated and celebrated too often. I had expected a twist somewhere in there but meh I'm sure something will eventually develop right? A nice start CynWolf. Can I order a plushie?

CrownePrince responds:

Ponycon recently made the plushes up for sale online here: http://ponycon.us/store

Awww, poor Mirage...I wanna hug her!

I personally hate MLP. I tried watching it, but kept feeling like the goodanimation and voice talents are wasted on meaningless stories.

I was pleasantly impressed with this.
The whole compostion is so coherent. The naration, the music, the style, everything fits.
It looks like an honest to god, professionally made animated movie trailer.

And I must say: that framerate is enthralling. It's a bit off-putting at first, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

Amazing work here.

I think too many people latched on the idea that ponies are xenophobic because of Zecora.

It's been warped into a demented fanon that they mistreat everyone and that Discord only turned evil because he was different.

I say, look at Scorpan. Dude's a large bipedal gargoyle who came to Equestria with his brother to try and conquer it. Made friends so easily he went and backstabbed his brother.

Still, nice animation.

CrownePrince responds:

For people who don't care about pony stuff, it's a straightforward story about being different, like you said.

For pony people, I hadn't even considered Zecora or the reasons for Discord's behavior. Mirage grows up in a country where a mutant like her was an infamous terrorist.

Omg i found your ng account :D