princess Training

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I have found my new favorite pairing! Damn, Midna AND Raven?! Holy shit, the world NEEDS more of this...please make more! Maybe even some NSFW games? Pretty please?

The animation is good, but doesn't really grabs your attention.
Maybe add some audio of some kind and another position or angle.

As Kattlarv stated. I couldn't agree more.

It's a decent loop. But it still has the stiffness issues. His hips are just lowered and raised at identical speed throughout. There's no weight to the motion. Try to make it speed up/slow down, not just a constant.

And it still double-frames. Don't have the first and last frame be the same. That causes the momentary "stutter".
But as far as hyper genderswap animations go, it does okay. ~2 stars tends to be the average.

your content is very good but could you create a cumshot in the end?? i think you vids need that.

Endlessillusion responds:

I'm new to animation still, my skill is not high enough to do that yet.