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Goo Bouncing

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Control endless army of Goo, stick to the walls and ground, make them bounce of each other to beat level.

- LMB or Space to stick
- R to reload level

Aviable on android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RecklessDev.GooBouncing

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Great idea with great execution!

This game is very well made! I love that the game teaches you how to play it. Each level asks the player to learn one thing at a time and solve a complex problem sightly more tricky than the last. The one mechanic that the game revolves around is simple, unique, and interesting. The music and art are good, but those aesthetics could match up with the mechanics a bit more. I like that the music is catchy, but never tries to actively grab the listener's attention, letting them focus on the puzzle.

My complaints are about one small glitch (probably not common) and an issue with the main mechanic. Getting the technical stuff out of the way, I managed to set the teleporting goo as I was falling across a corner, and the game placed the teleporter inside the wall. This allowed me to drop inside the wall and... interesting things happened from that point on. I really can't explain it any better than that, sorry.

As for the problem with the mechanic, there were some later levels whose solutions were not aesthetically pleasing. When I found the solutions, they LOOKED wrong. With goo hanging off the corner of walls, and goo piles sometimes overlapping, my solutions appeared to be wrong but ended up solving the puzzle. This created an inner conflict in the back of my mind, where my solution was not fully satisfying. My suggestion would be to make a clearer difference in the motion of the color pick-ups. If there is a GREATER difference between a green goo launcher and a red goo launcher, this would allow for different paths to stand out.

Still, this is a fantastic game! Keep up the great work!

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for such a big feedback and that you liked the game, this means a lot to me as a starting dev :) I will do more testing on that teleport mechanic, it's a bit complex one, but I think I know how that happened.
Must admit that you're right about later levels, I got too impacient and didn't put as much effort in those before release. Luckily I got some gameplay videos and were able to spot those design mistakes, so I'm gonna get to it once I finish my finals.
Thanks again, won't ever stop making those :)

I'm very fond of puzzles and this one has reached my standard despite of it being simple. It doesn't even need instructions to explain the mechanics of the game. By simply playing the game, one can already tell how it works. As for the artwork, it's not a big deal since it just seems to be fitting to me. It adds to the simplicity of the game. Overall, well done and you have my praise.

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Happy that people like it :)

Well done sire, I dont often give five star review but you deserve it. Mechanic was simple yet challenging and each level required planning, never has the reuse of the same mechanic in slightly more complex ways been so fun for me. Really good game design and level design and music choice. Art is probably the weakest point, but its still nice enough to enjoy the game to the fullest. Well done dude. Make more games! and add medals.

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.
I going to make my next one with the participation of real artist and medals :)

This was fun - GJ! Took several tries to get 3 stars on the last level.

BTW, I think I know what Papix means: lv5 is the 1st level where we can pick the key then die. Took a min to realize it wasn't a bug that no goos came out then. Maybe a note there would help avoid any confusion?

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks! Yeah, will have to think of indicator of some sort. We already discussed with Papix, it was nothing :)

Wow, This is a very good game, good concept, and fun to play!

It has creative level design, fun mechanics and awesome music. The aesthetic is simple but still good, maybe is the weakest part for me but that means nothing when the gameplay is so great!

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for review :) Yeah, art is my weak part, but I'm in process of learning it better.