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Press f4 to toggle full screen on and off. You get 3 elixers when interacting with the statue. Use WASD to move. Left click to use left handed weapons. Right click to use right handed weapons. Level up Stats by going to the menu. Go to skills and select upgrade. Then choose an upgrade.
Make sure to click inside the game before hitting space or else it will move the window down to the comments. If this doesn't help then just press enter to interact with things.

Let me know what you liked/disliked. (Don't mention that the game should have a potion counter. It does have one but the browser version doesn't show it for some reason)

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Game was fun

Alright so this game was pretty fun and there are some nice ideas here with some nice stuff to do the enemies seemed to hard especially at first the whole layout or interface of the game is pretty good though and I like the gameplay but maybe you can make the game easier somehow with more moderate style of gameplay but honestly besides that this doesnt need much more to it it was actually a fun game you have here

Some parts could be made easier like enemies and such


I REALLY liked that whole hit'n'run combat and interesting layout but that's about it. Enemies are way too powerful in the beginning, they respawn endlessly when re-entering the area and they respawn (and are invisible) when you save. All in all a really frustrating experience.

the end left me wanting more and there wasn't any story however i loved the gameplay once i got the hang of it i found the mp bar redundant since it did not regenerate meaning magic is almost worthless and when i save invisible enemies respawn but a healing staff and longsword worked well. gameplay was engaging i just wish there were a bit less things to catch on when dodging still hoping for you to make game with gameplay like this (minus the bugs and stuff) with story and a good ending

chaos00177 responds:

yeah, it was my first game so it had some bugs i didnt know could happen. i fixed a lot and added new stuff in my later games. those games are still a gamble though because i tried new stuff but i do really love the combat system too. i based it off of games i loved playing and im glad you like it too. i havent really done much with story though since i wanted to make the actual game really fun to play first but id like to do that later. thanks for the review you awesome person!

seems like it could be a good game....but since i cant make it past the beginning due to endlessly re-spawning enemies that are way overpowered, even after spending some time in just the starting area and getting my defenses up to 60+. but that doesnt matter at all since enemy can chain cast 5 or 6 pillars of fire and destroy me without even breaking a sweat. i started off having fun until i realized how completely unbalanced this game is and would advise anyone interested in playing to only do so if you like to play games with ridiculously high difficulty that cant be changed. also i would make sure you choose at least 1 melee weapon during character creation because the game mechanics hate pure mages and you will die.

You want to know what could be made better? How about this:
- i love ranged combat. Hit'n'run. So i've chosen fireball and heeling staff. Ending without any mana left after destroying the 3 crystals at the very beginning and facing the first enemy. Bad, really bad thing to leaf the player without any mana regeneration and not mention this at the beginning. I had to start again creating another weapon set. I couldn't even flee since the crystals resporned after leaving and reentering the room. And without mana i couldn't destroy them.
- having a sword and the healing staff now, i started playing. Sure, the green area marking the enemy attack is a good idea. But not being able to escape once i have started my own attack is pretty bad. It should be aborted when i run too far away.
- since neither mana nor health regenerate and there is no rest function to fill up both it's just a manner of time till i was hit so often that i have no mana left to heal myself. compared to the fact, that enemies resporn every time i enter a room ... own health limited but endless enemies? how did you thought that would work???
- last thing i had till i hat to reload the 7th time without getting further the first 3 rooms and decided to write this: in the room behind the crystal are so many enemies - it happened multiple times that they surrounded and blocked me. And since health is the most valuable thing in your game it's no mater if i can free myself or not. Once surrounded for a short period of time too much health is lost to continue playing ...

And that's why the game is pretty frustrating ...

chaos00177 responds:

the statues give you elixers that fully regenerate your health and mana. you can hold a max of 3 so whenever you want to get your health and mana back up, you can go to the statue. i didnt explain it in the game but if you unequip your weapons you are able to punch so you can still break the crystals to get to the statue for potions. My game is poorly balanced if you use two magic weapons and I'll try to improve that for later games. I'm sorry I didn't explain the statue = elixers for healing idea better. Thank you for your review

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2.78 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2017
5:39 AM EST
Adventure - RPG