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Shop Empire Galaxy

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Hi guys, here's our newest Shop Empire series game, Shop Empire Galaxy.
Build your grandest and luxurious Shop Empire, cause you will had more visitors from entire Galaxy.
Aliens, monsters will shopping on your mall, so prepare your staff, and make sure your mall will be the safest mall too
Shop Empire Galaxy is a new simulation pixel art game developed by www.LittleGiantWorld.com.

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Fun game, but after speeding up the clock and then slowing it down again, the clock speed stays the same but the action on screen reverts back to 1x.... pretty terrible bug, ruins the gameplay. No one can even get in the mall barely before it closes.

It's pretty good, love the style, as usual, however, I'm also a little confused on how I can go from 60% popularity to 0.5% in a few days?

i gave a high rating for this because it is my favorite game of the week and im going to be playing it ALOT

this is how idle games should be done!

it can get pretty complicated with hiring staff and having them attend the right floors at the right time as well but hey thats part of what makes it fun.

my only criticisms:
> some things are not explained very well.
>Complementary buildings are not explained at all :(
>your English skills are TERRIBLE haha you should hire some one to translate for you because this game is so cool but the English is VERY bad.
>its annoying to unselect the grab tool when you go to click on something, i recommend a shortcut key for this.
>handling the staff members can get complicated. You should invent an organized system so its easier for the user to manage.

As far as handling the staff one organization method comes to mind. Make a staff menu with the 4 tabs. Make employees nameable. Create a mini map of the mall which is split into three sections, day on the left, both in the middle, and night on the right. Then you can drag you employees onto the map on which floor you want them to work on and if you place them in the day section, they work during the day and so on. This would give the player a MUCH better representation of how many workers he has and what they are doing.

Amazing game!

A cute little business sim. One thing - the full importance of the parking lots isn't given, although it's perhaps one of the most useful facilities.