Idle Dungeon Master

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1 5 Points

Farm 100 Gold yourself!

11 5 Points

Buy 10 Goblins!

12 5 Points

Buy 25 Goblins!

2 5 Points

Farm 500 Gold yourself!

6 5 Points

Research 100 RP yourself!

7 5 Points

Research 500 RP yourself!

13 10 Points

Buy 50 Goblins!

14 10 Points

Buy 75 Goblins!

16 10 Points

Conquer your first realm and finish the tutorial!

3 10 Points

Farm 2500 Gold yourself!

4 10 Points

Farm 10000 Gold yourself!

8 10 Points

Research 2500 RP yourself!

9 10 Points

Research 10000 RP yourself!

10 25 Points

Research 25000 RP yourself!

15 25 Points

Buy 100 Goblins!

17 25 Points

Conquer the first lands!

5 25 Points

Farm 25000 Gold yourself!

18 50 Points

Conquer the west lands!

19 50 Points

Conquer the desert lands!

20 50 Points

Conquer the mountain lands!

21 50 Points

Conquer the green lands!

22 100 Points

Conquer the shadow lands and the earth will be yours!

Author Comments

Build your dungeon, attract creatures and conquer the world!


Repaired the "unlock broken medals" button (hopefully)

and made some of the later units stronger (catapults/assassin/firewalkers/warlords/dragons)


Reminds me of Dungeon Keeper, The first one.

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Medal 15, 20, and 21. Not unlocking. Even after pressing unlock broken medals button. Not sure about 22 as haven't got that one yet.

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Giving this a zero since I lost all my saves the next day. (yes I saved multiple times.) Was almost at the last stage too :(

Generally, all idle games are a reminder of how the millennial generation hates their lives and consider it a grim countdown to death that mindless clicking helps bring a little closer...but this is bad even for that. Click all you want..but the units are out of your hand really and take WAY to long to build up. Even the most depressed millennial with the most self cutting scars is not going to click that long.

Its really annoying that the screen just goes black for no reason randomly. and it happens so often too. you need to fix that

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2017
9:08 PM EST
Simulation - Other