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Idle Dungeon Master

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1 5 Points

Farm 100 Gold yourself!

11 5 Points

Buy 10 Goblins!

12 5 Points

Buy 25 Goblins!

2 5 Points

Farm 500 Gold yourself!

6 5 Points

Research 100 RP yourself!

7 5 Points

Research 500 RP yourself!

13 10 Points

Buy 50 Goblins!

14 10 Points

Buy 75 Goblins!

16 10 Points

Conquer your first realm and finish the tutorial!

3 10 Points

Farm 2500 Gold yourself!

4 10 Points

Farm 10000 Gold yourself!

8 10 Points

Research 2500 RP yourself!

9 10 Points

Research 10000 RP yourself!

10 25 Points

Research 25000 RP yourself!

15 25 Points

Buy 100 Goblins!

17 25 Points

Conquer the first lands!

5 25 Points

Farm 25000 Gold yourself!

18 50 Points

Conquer the west lands!

19 50 Points

Conquer the desert lands!

20 50 Points

Conquer the mountain lands!

21 50 Points

Conquer the green lands!

22 100 Points

Conquer the shadow lands and the earth will be yours!

Author Comments

Build your dungeon, attract creatures and conquer the world!


Repaired the "unlock broken medals" button (hopefully)

and made some of the later units stronger (catapults/assassin/firewalkers/warlords/dragons)

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Relies way too much on clicking right at the start. Nothing idle about that.

A game with a lot of ye olde Dungeon keeper.

Unlike @OneThousandMeeps below me I actually had to complete the last level to get the last medal. Man was it rough. Just the last level itself took me about 2 weeks! But... man... I liked this game. I actually think it's one of your best idle games. I have all of the medals on almost all of your games, but I never worked so hard in an idle game for a single medal.

I thought the balance was good throughout the game. It was interesting seeing the different towns and enemy make ups.

The only thing that I can think to make this game better is a way to know which unit does what to each enemy. That being said, it's really not necessary because by the last level I had every single thing maxed out anyway. Perhaps some way of extending the research for the mages? Once that was maxed it, which I focused on early on, there wasn't much more to do other than to wait for my army to be maxed out and send them again.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this one. It literally took me about a month of gameplay to get through the whole thing. It really takes commitment!

The final medal unlocked just before I defeated the last realm, so I'm not even going to finish it. The shadow lands take way too long to complete.

Sure was neat how the first hero KO'ed 80 troops.