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Infected Blood

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Killer 5 Points

Kill 100 zombies

Boyscout 25 Points

Find 10 secrets

Inquisitor 25 Points

Kill 300 zombies

Genocide 50 Points

Kill 600 zombies

Survivor 50 Points

Finish the game

Explorer 100 Points

Find 25 secrets

Author Comments

Amazing journey to the scary world full of of the living dead.
A lot of evil zombies, cool weapon, car, hidden secrets is waiting for you in this bloody city.
Try to stay alive and find a way out of there. Can you survive in this dangerous place ?
I am started to develop this game more than 7 years ago. For a differnt reasons, like lack of experience, poor performance and other, development was delayed for such a long time. This is most long project in my life. This is something like a game of a dream. I invested a lot of time and effort into this game and I hope you will like it. And your feedback is very important.

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I like the graphics, i like the sound, i like infinite ammo and how blood looks. What i don't like is:
1. Infinite spawn of zombies around you. I killed bunch of them in one place, turn left, then go to this place again, they are here. It makes the search for secrets painful. It would be better have a limited count of zombies pro level.
2. No reloading. It is annoying.
3. No run option. It makes the search for secrets painful boring. It is just too slow.
4.Weapons have one sound for all.
5.You cannot turn the flashlight off, so zombies will allways be aggro.
6. Killing zombies give nothing. No motivation to kill them, no need to kill them. But we doesn't have a chance to stealth - because of infinite spawn, very quickly spawn rate and flashlight.
7. Just grinding for medals - grinding is boring. Even for medals.

Very nicely done. Only one glitch I encountered: in the last two levels there are street areas that act as though they have a barrier wall, but have no visible wall. The two spots I found match where -by the rest of the scenery- a wall should have been, it just wasn't actually there.

The graphics were lovely, very smooth play. I strongly recommend some kind of pop-up or pause-accessible screen that tells the user which keys do what. As is, while the keys are standard issue for the genre, there's no on-screen notice that arrows and wasd are for movement, and no warning that the vehicles need to be steered.

This could easily be built up into a much grander game, but for what it is, it's pretty good.

yeah nice game :p finds all secrets execept one :(

FreeS responds:

Some hint with perks count on the levels:
LVL - Secrets
1 - 1
2 - 3
4 - 2
5 - 2
6 - 2
7 - 3
8 - 5
9 - 3
11 - 3
12 - 1

Didn't really enjoy it. It has a lot of potential though.

A little variety in the zombie types. Take away the health regen and put healing items instead. Add more weapons. Different guns and implement ammo conservation instead of an unlimited supply. And since ammo will be a commodity different types of melee weapons also.

And of course, a little bit of story wouldn't hurt. Right now it just feels like an HTML version of Dead Trigger.

This is not a great game (yet) but it has the potential to be.
First of all, I really like the graphics in this game, and the attention to detail as well. Definitely one of the best games in terms of graphics in this genre.
I encourage you to make an update or a sequel. I know that you have spent 7 years in developing this game, but I believe you have taken care of the hardest part of the code (the basic engine, the graphics, enemy movements etc.).
All the tweaks you need for this game should be relatively easy to code. These include ammo limit / reload mechanics and an actual story etc.