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Jan 15, 2017 | 8:01 PM EST

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Author Comments

Space Brothel - Set along the atmospheric boundaries of Future City, a brothel is catering to tired space farers. Be the person to run the joint and have a bit of fun for yourself as you work and develop the Alterverse's greatest pleasure place. Space Brothel has been released on late October 2016 and is free.



User AndiJN has made this fix:

It has not been applied yet but it fixes several issues as well as typos in the program including the following issues:
1. Overtime bug once and for all.
2. Brothel level errors.
3. Some stamina and stat glitches.



Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Fixed the overtime issue. (Thanks, dreamsfan!)



Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Major glitch when a customer is walking and the time ends. -FIXED (Thanks, BizarroJoe!)



The new game is glitched! But it's been remedied in the following update. LOL this official release is turning into a beta experience. Lots to be learned from making mistakes and emerge better than before!

Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Starting a new game lets you expand your stable even before the tutorial is completed. - FIXED
2. The tutorials are not properly checked during new games resulting in freezing screens during the office part of the tutorial. - FIXED
3. The 'continue' button appears even when there is no registered save file. - FIXED

When I was growing up, games did not have tutorials unless you have the booklet. I guess I sort of learned to play games while skipping through instructions so I tend not to neglect their importance. Seeing as games nowadays teach you everything in-game, I guess it's just fair to follow the current practice regarding that. Anyways, have fun, please let me know if you find more issues!



I am unsure why some players are still experiencing graphic glitches and alien visitors not clearing cash. Please post specific comments about how these occur if you are able to reproduce the error scenarios.

To those who think that the game elements are too expensive, please try to make better decisions. This is a sex game but it is also about making decisions while on limited resources. It's true though that it is a drag to do trial and error without having a reset button so finally I have added that important feature.

Version 1.1f Changes:
1. Added 'New Game' and 'Continue' buttons.



The official Newgrounds release!

Version 01f Changes:
1. Dock 1 does not roll a chance for whores to appear.
2. Dock 2 has a 80% chance for whores to appear.
3. Dock 3 has a 70% chance for whores to appear.
4. Starting cash has been changed to 20,000 units.

*Having more than 1 dock will make the game more challenging, it is advised to be prepared before buying more.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved this game!.. surprised it has a low rating.. (i loved it even with all the bugs that it used to have).. Now they're fixed!.. Keep up the good work! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I FINALLY complete the game in 3 days. Also finding out that I could probably complete it in 3 hours or less by:
1. Training ONLY 1 whore to CHA23 SKI23 STA10000(high quality) once each day after you reach the payment plus training fee,or it will take more time to complete final goal.
2. As for the guest's status through space brothel, the difference between SKL points DECREASE TIME PER MONEY(and also decrease STA loss per time),the difference between CHA points increase fame per time, your own STA loss is effected by guest's STA and SKL.Chances are how player balance the STA loss and fame since STA loss contribute to daily gain and might cut off the career.
3.Slime type guest has more SKL.Redosi people has more STA, others doesn't seem to effect at all in my dock is enough to handle the game, don't push yourself to hard.
4.DO NOT make contract to the REDOSI broker before 30 days achievement it may cause bugs, and DO NOT quit the game in the opening time of your brothel because the next time in-game data might be corrupted during loading.
true fact: this game is STILL grinding and repetitve.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

All of you games are great, but his one is very glitchy. The worst is when the girl and customer do not leave the dock. Time expended and money earned is about 2-3 seconds.

d-z responds:

Great news, this issue has been addressed in AndiJN's version. Please check the dumping grounds to test for yourself, thanks!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a good game. However I can't figure out resource management, though I'm pretty sure this is because of me not the game. Exactly how am I supposed to pace upgrading my whores, opening new docks and stables, etc. You see, as soon as I get the first star the customers' stats go up and my whores' are no longer able to earn enough to cover their costs. How can I avoid this? Any other tips would be appreciated too, as I'm not that good at these resource management games, but really want to enjoy your game.

d-z responds:

Just be conservative about your resources and don't get new stuff unless they are need, you'll be ok.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the idea of the game but it suffers from a lot of glitches and issues.

I was using Microsoft Edge to play it in browser.


1) Customers stats. After I loaded the game from a save around 20th day with 3 whores, 2 stars and 2 docks, customers started to get weird random stats including undefined ( ) skill and undefined, 0 or negative stamina - which resulted in a weird bug where sex scene happened in the gallery area and whore and customer were separated, it only contained cumming scene and didn't give any money or fame.

2)Sound glitches. Sound warning on arrival to the second dock didn't work. Sex sounds sometimes didn't play or played together when 2 whores were having sex at the same time. For a second every sex scene started with a high pitched voice that changed afterwards to appropriate type. It seems that some of it arises from the fact that you can hear sex sounds in the gallery area - maybe it would be appropriate to restrict sex sounds only to sex areas? At least it would solve the issues with whores having sex simultaneously.

3) Darts. I don't know if it's intended or not, but I was able to purchase darts before bar. It didn't provide anything - I was still losing fame when I didn't hit the dock button in time and customers didn't interact with darts in the dock area. There was also no prices or prerequisites for bar and darts - I bought it at random.

4) Keys. Sometimes the game didn't register that I pressed the key - it was especially annoying when it was the dock key.

5) Overtime bug - I have encountered the same overtime bug as dreamsfan after I built 2 docks despite your stating you fixed it. Is overtime intended for the moments when the day ended but the whores are still having sex? Because it never actually appeared in such situations.

6) Love scenes with brothel owner - for a few seconds after ejaculation the whore sprite stays while the owner is already in a sitting position which is awkward.


There is also a lot of times when it unclear how the game works or should work.

1) Clients from several docks at the start of a day. When you start a day with 2 docks, you immediately receive 2 customers and you can invite only 1 at the same time which results in losing fame unless you press keys very fast. I imagine that you will necessarily lose fame if you have 3 docks. Is it working as intended and should be solved by building a bar or is this behavior unintentional?

2) Client stats. While a dock has no clients it shows some stats unrelated to anything. When you invite a client it changes to some other stats which are again not his stats - he real stats are only shown we he stops walking. This together with issue 1 makes your decision making at the start of the day really random - I resorted to sending my first client to my best whore immediately despite it possibly being an inferior choice because I didn't have time to make a thought-out decision. I think a good quality of life change would be if docks didn't show any stats until appropriate moment - whether it the ring bell/you pressing the dock button/client stopping in the gallery (I don't know which of these you intended) - and then showing his actual stats; it should never show anything unrelated to customers.

3) Whore body types - it seems there are 2 body types for each (?) species - big and small. It is briefly mentioned in tutorial that small whores lose more stamina but earn money faster; it seems to work that way at least for stamina - I didn't test for gold income. I guess you can distinguish them by their voices - high-pitched for small and low-pitched for big. However it is unclear which one you hire, especially if it is the first time you hire that species. Maybe you could make it a visible stat just like charisma, which you could see at the whore stats screen?

4) Whore training - it is frustrating that you don't know which whore you're training after pressing the number key. More than once I trained the wrong whore. The most annoying thing is that you can't say whether you changed a whore by pressing different number key.

5) Whore hiring - it is unclear what affects which whores appear in a free stable and why they don't appear. I decided to have 1 whore of each species and couldn't get a redossi applicant for awhile after signing a redossi contract - and only managed to do it after I opened the second dock - I still don't know if it actually had any positive effect (there's some patch notes here that suggest it does - if it does it would be nice if you could learn that in-game).

6) Furtase contract - it seems that a requirement for furtase contract is completing an event after 30 days which requires having 2 stars and a redossi whore. However in-game prerequisites are only 18k which felt as a bug when I had money available but couldn't click on it. Even after I finished the task it was annoying since for awhile I had that money tied up instead of investing it into whore training because I was waiting to check whether I could sign it with some conditions. Maybe you could change the description of price (like ??? and 18k) for clarity.

7) I guessed from playing the game that you gain fame only if your whore has charisma higher then the client and lose fame if your whore has charisma lower than the client. What was strange is that you didn't seem to earn or even lessen loss of fame when you had both earning and losing fame whores having sex. Which made me question whether fame and gold earning are actually summed when 2 whores have sex simultaneously??? And I think a good quality of life change would be outright stating charisma and fame relation in the tutorial (or maybe it's your opinion that figuring basics of the game is part of fun of the game which is valid but I don't agree).

I never got to 3 docks, bar or 3 stars because bug #1 made breaking even really hard because some clients never returned any money so I can't speak about endgame content.

Overall, I believe it is a good 4 star game after you fix all the bugs so I rated it accordingly. I believe with a few quality of life improvements (easier comprehensibility, more detailed tutorial or in-game hints, better variety in sex poses) it could be a 5 star game. I hope you will make these changes but you seem interested in making next game so I can understand if you just fix it and move on. Cheers!

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d-z responds:

Hi, thanks for being specific about many things especially the glitches, please check the link provided in the main description area. Another user has graciously provided a fix that addresses many issues. Once thoroughly tested his version may replace the last published version.