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Space Brothel - Set along the atmospheric boundaries of Future City, a brothel is catering to tired space farers. Be the person to run the joint and have a bit of fun for yourself as you work and develop the Alterverse's greatest pleasure place. Space Brothel has been released on late October 2016 and is free.



User AndiJN has made this fix:

It has not been applied yet but it fixes several issues as well as typos in the program including the following issues:
1. Overtime bug once and for all.
2. Brothel level errors.
3. Some stamina and stat glitches.



Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Fixed the overtime issue. (Thanks, dreamsfan!)



Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Major glitch when a customer is walking and the time ends. -FIXED (Thanks, BizarroJoe!)



The new game is glitched! But it's been remedied in the following update. LOL this official release is turning into a beta experience. Lots to be learned from making mistakes and emerge better than before!

Version 1.2f Changes:
1. Starting a new game lets you expand your stable even before the tutorial is completed. - FIXED
2. The tutorials are not properly checked during new games resulting in freezing screens during the office part of the tutorial. - FIXED
3. The 'continue' button appears even when there is no registered save file. - FIXED

When I was growing up, games did not have tutorials unless you have the booklet. I guess I sort of learned to play games while skipping through instructions so I tend not to neglect their importance. Seeing as games nowadays teach you everything in-game, I guess it's just fair to follow the current practice regarding that. Anyways, have fun, please let me know if you find more issues!



I am unsure why some players are still experiencing graphic glitches and alien visitors not clearing cash. Please post specific comments about how these occur if you are able to reproduce the error scenarios.

To those who think that the game elements are too expensive, please try to make better decisions. This is a sex game but it is also about making decisions while on limited resources. It's true though that it is a drag to do trial and error without having a reset button so finally I have added that important feature.

Version 1.1f Changes:
1. Added 'New Game' and 'Continue' buttons.



The official Newgrounds release!

Version 01f Changes:
1. Dock 1 does not roll a chance for whores to appear.
2. Dock 2 has a 80% chance for whores to appear.
3. Dock 3 has a 70% chance for whores to appear.
4. Starting cash has been changed to 20,000 units.

*Having more than 1 dock will make the game more challenging, it is advised to be prepared before buying more.



d-z responds:

The story would continue in the hack and slash game called '7 satellites' but I am still deciding what to work on next, either that or another 1 from the plans!

Started as a good game.
But now I have encountered a bug: more than half of the customers are glitchy and give no money at all.
Also there's no way to start a new game so I can't do anything.

d-z responds:

These glitches have been addressed before, I wonder what's causing them again hmmm... But this has to be clarified with evidence... You can delete your save by running the Flash Player Settings Manager and delete the saved data.

Girls salaries go up too quickly. Regularly have them making less than they cost, even when pushed well into negative stamina.

d-z responds:

Tip: At level 0, just get 1 girl, preferably the tallest that you can, teach her cosmetics then kama sutra, then reel in early game cash really quick to get your second dock.

The game broke when I had 2 docks. I was sending one customer to the Q dock, and when the girl and the customer leaved the screen, the game never showed that the dock was occupied. In the next day, the problem continued. Hope you fix this problem! ;)

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Dock 2 stopped giving any customers period.

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d-z responds:

This is fixed now.

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Jan 15, 2017
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