Sonic Mobius X Teaser

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so guys i had to reupload this teaser and rename the title and the title in the teaser, this fan rpg game im making is something i wanted to try out since i played FFSX6 when i was 6 i really looked up to Blackdevilx and i wanted to make a continuation of the final fantasy Sonic series but i felt like not doing it anymore you can find the cancelled intro at my videos. So i hope you enjoy this teaser and going to enjoy the game that will probably drop soon, im making the intro and if you want to voice act contact me on email alafu0305@outlook.com before i post a update on my News when im finished With the intro.

Sonic is owned by SEGA not me i do not own Sonic


well its not working. i see the emerald, then the ring, then the title, and then its a white screen. if thats all it is, then this would still be a one star cause theres nothing there. plz fix or tell me if im doing something wrong cause as of right now this is bull

Mrjerkdude responds:

good for you then :)

this is good can't wait for the next chepter

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Mrjerkdude responds:

Ill do my best :)

I get that this is suppose to be a teaser and everything, but that is no excuse to be submitting something this short under judgement. Especially with so little going on in your teaser. Something like this would be getting a really low score if not blamed. I strongly recommend posting this in your dumping grounds. It is the button next to your messages button. And with it, you can show this off to your friends, family, fans, etc with no problem. So please do that instead. Don't take this as spite, I'm just saying.

Mrjerkdude responds:

Then leave :)

New things scare me and smart things make me feel dumb, so believe me when I say that this truly looks like something I can sit back, relax, and enjoy. I can't wait for the release, and hopefully many more just like it. 10/10

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Mrjerkdude responds:

Thank you I really appreciate your support

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2.46 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2017
2:46 PM EST