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Fella's Adventure

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Fella must navigate his way through each level, avoiding all obstacles and Evil Fellas on the way. He must also defeat the Evil Fella bosses every 10 levels. If he collects all 100 score throughout the game then he will unlock the final 10 levels, where he must face the most Horrible of all Fellas.

Thank you for all the feedback. The game gets hard but it is definitely doable.

Let me know in the comments on your level progress and if you beat the game normally, or get to the bonus levels and complete the whole thing. Good luck! :)

Update 17.01.17: I have begun work on implementing the API with the possibility for saving and medals. Check back for updates.

Update 18.01.17: I have included some information on the first level that informs the player how to move the Fella around with the arrow keys and that the Fella moves automatically, but you must use the keys to change direction.

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Good but too hard. I only made it to level 3. And honestly anyone that likes this game is really good so they made it past lvl 3, seriously this game is like darksouls ng edition. Forget dark souls. This is something far more evil. Still other then that it was fun for the first 2 seconds
so i'll give you 1 star for that.

Fun I idea

So this was like a maze style and these are ok games and I do have to say they have been done a bit there is some nice ideas about these onlything is they are kind of simple I think some added flashy effects not sure how you could implement thent them but it would be interesting and make this game a tad bit more exciting but honestly I had some fun with this game here

Well as I have mentioned in this review here some more flashy effects or impact moments could be implemented to make this more exciting


Fella5 responds:

I appreciate the feedback. Just out of curiosity, which level did you get to? :)

Honestly....I feel this has been done a lot. It's a basic avoiding game....seen a lot of em honestly. The music is okay but didn't see it credited unless I missed that. It's alright, but...needs a lot more.

Yeah, this wasn't too memorable for me. I guess my problem was that the design was too simple. It actually had a good level of difficulty. It just had little else going for it. You need to have better detail. I can still appreciate the music.

I like the setup. You really do have good mobility. It's not as hard as you might think. It is the weakest entry for this pixel jam. I don't even remember it from last year.

Very simple, but skill is very much needed. The immediate start to working with time and movement strategies took me with determination. Hope to play more submissions of yours!