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Lonely Guy's Dating Sim

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EDIT: When talking to Venom, make sure she's away from any walls or the game will freeze.

EDIT: Damn, that passed judgement really fast.

Just try to get some of that thick, soft booty!

Try to say the right things.

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Could be much better

Short, weird, and nice music? I have no idea what to give this "game." My complaints are only that it's too short and you can't choose your path. It feels like that hunger games game where you die in five seconds no matter what, so I get that it's a joke. That being said it doesn't mean it deserves five stars or anything crazy like that and I usually am generous about that kind of stuff so 2.5. Make something that wows me next time because I know how talented you guys are.

This is... lame. Non of the girls like you, and you ends up fucking Lana rather than Jazz or Venom, which no matter what you choose, they will eventually run away, and there's no return after you enter a room, leaving with Lana, does it means... you don't like human lolis, but you prefer fairy lolis?

Controls unclear. HOW DO U PLAY PLZ MAKE TUTORIAL!!!!