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If Donkey Kong and Mario switched places

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How the tables have turned! Now it's DK who must travel up the construction site and rescue Candy Kong from the clutches of Mega Mario! Will he succeed? Or will he just monkey around?

A side note from Level UP: THE SWITCH LOOKS AWESOME. I WANT IT. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!! XD

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old classic with a new twist why has no one else thought this though? good job on the execution and play thru now the obvious question have you developed a game? Keep going with the revival Level Up. What other game what if can you flip a remake? What if it was really the Legend of Zelda saving Link? or Gannon Vs Link instead? What if Link got the triforce of power and made the wish? What if's are a great thing to explore.

WOW,Good Movie

The audio just alone deserves 5 stars, "Momma Mia!!" This made my day.

LevelUPAnimations responds:

Glad ya enjoyed it XD

it is very cool, voice is good. It would be better if there is a game that based on this movie!

That was a fun animation, very smooth looking too.

LevelUPAnimations responds:

Glad ya liked it m8 :D