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Turbo Era GP

rated 3.29 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Jan 14, 2017 | 6:12 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 15, 2017

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Australian Trophy 25 Points You won the Australian GP
Belgian Trophy 25 Points You won the Belgian GP
British Trophy 25 Points You won the British GP
French Trophy 25 Points You won the French GP
Italian Trophy 25 Points You won the Italian GP
San Marino Trophy 25 Points You won the San Marino GP
Thank You! 25 Points You submitted a lap time
US Trophy 25 Points You won the US GP
Monaco Trophy 50 Points You won the famous Monaco GP
World Champion 50 Points You won the World Drivers' Championship 1987
Ace Driver 100 Points You won a race against Ace-level AI drivers
Fighting Spirit 100 Points You recovered from a breakdown

Author Comments

DON'T FORGET to log in and to submit your best lap times.
There is a scoreboard for each racetrack.

ARROW keys or WASD or WA & KL

Accelerate - UP or W
Reverse - DOWN or S
Steer left - LEFT or A or K
Steer right - RIGHT or D or L

Q - Toggle visual quality
U - Abort race

-If you are experiencing heavy lag, you can always press "Q" to tone down the rendering quality
-If you are experiencing slowdowns, set "Liveries" to "simple" in the pre-race options menu

Sadly, the game performs very poorly when played on Mozilla Firefox.
Also the controls will malfunction at random times.
I also experienced a freezing browser. I couldn't figure out why...
The whole game was made in Flash, so no extra fancy stuff.
It has to be a problem within Firefox or its Flash plugin.

Playing this game on Firefox may cause frustration :(

Performance on Google CHROME however is just great.
You'll drive faster lap times on Chrome !

Tap the accelerator to brake or just lift it. The car slows down quick enough.
Don't use the reverse-keys to brake.

To an extent the game allows you to drive through tire barriers.
These mainly serve the purpose to make walls more visible on critical parts of the track.

- 10 teams and 8 racetracks from the 1987 season
- 17 AI opponents
- 9 different car setups possible
- 4 AI difficulty levels
- single race or championship mode
- random breakdowns (AI only or AI & Player)
- pitstops (for repair)
- upload your fastest lap times
It's 1987 again !
1000 hp are waiting to be unleashed.

Popping turbochargers and flame spitting exhausts.
Cars, wide & low, throwing sparks everywhere when underbodies kiss the bumpy tarmac.

This was the turbo era of grand prix racing.
There was never something like it again. Have fun in '87 ! :)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very happy with the game! I'm happy that someone took the time to make a game dedicated to one of the greatest years in F1 history! The game runs very smoothly, and it's a very fun game to play if you get everything right. I would like some features that I was somewhat surprised to see not in the game otherwise:

Possibly an adjustment of brake power (currently lifting off the gas basically brings your car to a dead stop, maybe make that adjustable)
Fixed hitboxes (the hitboxes currently are very weird in the way that sometimes the AI gets punted off and sometimes you get punted off, it can get very annoying when you're trying to get past an AI that is extremely slow)
Field of view adjustment? (the current field of view is VERY small, so you normally don't see the corner coming until it's too late, if we could zoom the game out, then that would make the game much more playable)
Practice mode where you can drive unlimited laps of the track, try different setups, and whatnot without any AI?
Possibly fuel consumption and for the super-hardcore fans, actual GP-length races (safety car periods maybe too?)?
Car damage that could force retirements?

If those things are added, this game would be rated 5 stars. Now... onto the positives...

The game itself is a LOT of fun to play. As I mentioned before, it's not a very forgiving game if you run aggressive setups, but those setups can pay off with the extra speed. It's also super satisfying to nail a particular set of corners flat-out and overtaking many AIs in the process. The intro sequence itself was done very well. All of the medals take a real damn effort to get, and that's also what makes the game so satisfying to play.

Overall, one of my top flash racing games, but only a couple of things to be added and it WILL be the top flash racing game I've played.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

The menu and music transports me to that era for sure, loved it. But I find it hard, maybe the difficulty setting is too high for me.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

RONDA killed me GG


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

>Name your self A.Senna
>Choose McLaren
>Replace Prost
>Yeahhhhhhh(Filthy Senna fanboy screech

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Nocito87 responds:

Nice ! Poor Alain XD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the most elaborate racing games I've played in a long time online! :) Really appreciate the ability to customize virtually everything you'd possibly want to, though I wouldn't mind a more personal (and less professional) selection of characters, and an ability to toggle off the 'race is over' message you have to wait for at the end of each race - sometimes it takes a long time for it to appear.

Overall though, a polished and pleasantly entertaining take on racing! With catchy; nostalgic music to match. Both medals and scores feel like a well-worked award, and method of 'real' competition. And also: I did manage to race my way through the entire game on FireFox, in spite of the recommendation, against both Amateur and Ace AI... albeit on the lowest quality just for good measure. Seems to work alright! Thanks for a grand GP game!


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Nocito87 responds:

Thank you very very much for this detailed review, Cyberdevil !
This means a lot to me. I'm really happy right now ! :) :) :)

The amount of time you'll have to wait for the 'race over' message to appear, is exactly the amount of time the top 6 drivers will need to finish the race. Top 6 will get championship points.
Rookie or Amateur-AI drivers will probably need more time to finish the race than Ace-AI drivers.
That's the secret behind the 'race over' waiting time :) I will work something out to make it faster next time. For sure !

Good to hear that Firefox worked for you. Usually, Firefox is my favorite browser.
But when I saw the game on my Firefox, I just couldn't believe what was happening. :D
I experienced everything imaginable. It was really bad. Tried it on another PC, the same, even worse. Did some more testing and gave up :/

Thanks again, Cyberdevil ! Much appreciated ! :)