The slut quest

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Hail friends!

So a quick explanation.

I uploaded this game yesterday to harsh, but entirely deserved criticism, about the dull grind. So the plan was to alter the win conditions of the game to make it based more on achieving goals than a 30 minute grind. That alone could not have been the cause of such a low score though, right? turns out the occasional game breaking glitch i noticed a few times wasn't a rare occurrence, but a consistently game breaking bug

as such, instead of swoping the file for a less dull game, I've opted instead to reup the game. justifiable? I'd say so. the original experience, as much as it pains me to admit, was a broken, often unplayable mess. Not any more my friends. plus ive cleaned the game up in a lot of areas. now you can experience the game as it should have been.

thank you

The slut quest. a product of curiosity and a desire to see if I could achieve more than a chose your own adventure story.

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A good fast 15 min game but no replay value and the music sucks ass. The graphics are a little humorous though but still it looks like all this was just slopped together.

The ending! WTH you work for a good ending and all you get is credits? Fun game, but it was a disappointing ending

the slut quest

Ï have got all the winning conditions, but I can't seem to click on the end buttom.

Great little game. There is some small errors, though. Some activitys can't be performed when you have exactly the right amount of energy. Guess its a matter of <= instead of < somwhere :) Also, you should proofread all text on bottons, some are wrong, refering to "int" instead of "smr" and some doens't note requirements. There is also the issue of balance. Some things you buy are not an improvement. book case gives 20 smarts for 20 eng, but study at library gives 10 smarts for 10 eng. Same. I finished the game in 54 days. Don't know if there is a deadline, but I am glad if there is not. Better to be able to goof around :) Some random elements/event could be fun. Good job :)