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Taken from the mixtape "Offline" which you can listen in full here: https://soundcloud.com/publiclyfunded...

Directed by Bill Premo (https://twitter.com/bill_premo)

Additional Animation by Marty Daniels (http://k50p.com)

Additional Backgrounds by Princess Proton (https://twitter.com/princessproton)

Beat Produced by Cloud Atrium (http://soundcloud.com/cloudatrium)

Mixed/Mastered by H. Arnold Jones (http://www.cfxmusic.com)

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True story. Gave that shit up years ago. Still game like a whore for cash, but I get my outdoor time and my life without the constant life of the web

I was wrong. This is a work of animation that deserves all the recognition it has

looks like gordon freeman

OH GAWD, nothing is worst than rap with a moral lesson.

He's rapping about not using technology when he made this video with technology and expects people to watch it with technology.
OH the irony.

Amazing work on the animation; I'd love to see this level of animation skill put torwards something of your own, storywise. The plot of your animations, such as sweetest are wonderfully done and compliment your style really well, while this theme feels a little trite and overdone. You are easily one of my favorite artists, and even if I feel the theme wasn't my favorite, I still enjoyed this a lot and look forward to seeing more from you.

P.S. - If you end up reading this, is your site whatthedo.com ever coming back? I enjoyed the comics on there too!