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Escape the volcano!

Save your friends!

Arrow keys to move. X to stand still.

If you get stuck, you can find a full video walkthrough on my Youtube Channel.

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It's entirely deterministic, but with no indication in-game of how the NPCs will act. If the solution to the puzzle is "read the developer's mind", that isn't a puzzle. Make something fair and you can get away with making it a lot more difficult.

Yeah no. Dealing with the people feels less like a challenge and more like a frustration considering they're portrayed as 'people', not 'obstacles', and yet are completely inept.

To illustrate this is the exact case that made me stop playing: The level was Keyhole, I believe? Lava coming in on three sides; from below, left, and right. Now, all the levels prior gave me the logical assumption that the people took the shortest path AWAY from the lava, wherever it may be (though this frequently proved incorrect, for some stupid reason, as if lava was coming in from two separate directions, rather than moving ANY OTHER direction, they just kinda...stood there? Anyways.) In this level, the lava is rising, it's coming from those three separate directions.

Surely. I think.


Since they see lava on THREE SIDES.


The programming would be good enough to have them go toward the side WITHOUT the lava.


And yet I suppose this being the logical thing to do is exactly why you had them not do it and instead have them just stand there starring at it as it consumed them.

Good riddance. They deserved it.

For a game featuring logic puzzles; there seems to be a massive disconnect between the 'logical' thing for the A.I to do.

wanted to go to the shower at 22:00 but just-wanted-to-short-test-this
now i m sitting here without tshirt and it s 23:48
guess who´s gonna catch a cold 8)(

Really simple, and really cool!

awesome and simple, makes you use your head