Parasites United

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Battles now continue in offline mode and masteregg upgrades are permanent!

Breed different types of parasites and battle your way through the bloodstream!

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Love those idle games with ending. I must inform that I can pass screen before defeating the 20T bloodcell (it let me skip it and go hit the next one at 50T) :o

I've been playing this game for a while, but there's one thing I don't understand: What do the stars do? What are they used for? What are they there for? The game doesn't provide any explanation for the stars, so we are basically left in the dark about them.

By the way, I've noticed that you've made plans on a sequel. As an avid idle gamer, here's my advice: DON'T. Idle games are games that require maintenance, and many idlers (including Clicker Heroes, Cookie Clicker, Anti-Idle: The Game, and Trimps) stayed strong because their devs updated them from time to time. For this game, updating the game involves checking the overpriced parasite upgrades (this game has a price increase of 9% per level for each parasite as opposed to Clicker Heroes' 6% per level for each hero) and the overall-slow progression (a smoother game would be based on the 5th screen's final cell, which has 20 trillion HP as opposed to the semifinal cell's 80 trillion HP). Other than that, the game's rather decent. 7/10

BambooHutGames responds:

Sorry, the stars are a for a score that is only working on Kongregate, should have explained that a bit better. And the price increase of 9% goes lower at certain intervals.

Thanks for your input about not making a sequel, but my little experience as a game developer tells me that sequels are the way to go as a beginner. The problem is that a game's ratings are very hard to change (I've put quite some effort into games after releasing them, with little to no affect on the ratings). If the ratings aren't pretty damn good right away, the game will vanish into the giant pile of average games. Therefore I think it is much better to learn from your mistakes and do things better in a sequel where you can reuse the better parts of the game. I do put time into my games after they are released because I do care about my players, but I have to balance that with my dreams of becoming an indie developer, and therefore I can't spent days and weeks on a game that already had it's one shot.


I too have been playing this game since it released. Today I finally beat the game and killed the heart (last level). My final stats are below. Propably will restart now with better tactics.

I noticed since a week or so you get to keep your progress when starting a new egg, that definately made things a lot easier for me.

Gameplay has a couple flaws:
- Only the last parasite is worthy of power-upgrading. Since you can only use 1 parasite-type at the same time there's no real reason to invest in the weaker ones. Maybe just upgrade one of them a bit so you can beat the levels you need to unlock last parasite, but thats it. From here on theres also no need to upgrade production on these weak parasites, since you're never gonna use them again.
- When I go offline, one time it keeps batteling a level, the other time it stops batteling. Same for production on some of the parasites/levels.
- Other thing that bugs me is the inconsistency numbers, for exaple 5321.55K (egg prod) is very unclear. Why not 5.3M, why not 5.321.550, why not 5321K? The hearth has an unreadable number as well.

For the rest its a cool game. I dont care for shiny graphics, just happy this doesn't require a million clicks to finish. Thanks for the game, I'm looking forward to your next one.

Base production x1659
Base strength x1954
Egg production 9.72M
Twistanest strength 23.4M
Twistanest prod total ~250M/sec
Stars: 50.46K

BambooHutGames responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's very helpful. I think the inconsistency with the numbers is that I hadn't assumed they could go that high - the numbers were clear on the nests though?

I'm currently working on parasites united 2 which will have 3 different attack types and some special parasites to change the enemy cell behavior, hopefully that will make it more interesting about which ones to build.
I am not sure about the offline battles, I scratched that entirely (it was the biggest mathematical thing I ever did in my life and it's prone to bugs).


Not bad at all.
Idle game: 5 stars
Graphics are not so good : -2 stars.
Can you do a update so the game have good graphics?

been playing for a few weeks. oddly addictive game, i do agree that an additional layer of interaction would really bring it to the next level. (i.e. some form of upgradable items, or cost reduction items, or chances to fight "boss" blood cells, etc..). before trying to add a ton of things, it may be helpful to update the blue background also, small visual changes can add freshness to what the player is seeing. i like where this is going, and look forward to seeing more.
..........although....... there is one problem...... i logged in today and clicked on "new game" instead of continue, and the game auto-saved instantly now... sooooo, time to start this new game!

BambooHutGames responds:

Thanks for your comment! This week I'm going to begin working on a sequel that will have more diversity. What do you mean by update the blue background? It's too ugly? :-) To be hones I just don't have a better idea, I just want it to be monotone to not distract from the important things.

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Jan 10, 2017
1:12 PM EST
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